Invisible Clubstep is a demon level created by Cyclic. It once was considered an easy or very easy demon. However, this level later got buffed in 2016. It was then previously considered a hard demon, but was then made into a free demon and was promptly deleted not too long afterwards.

Invisible Clubstep (Cyclic)
Invisible Clubstep
Level Information
Creator Cyclic
Difficulty Demon Demon
Stars 10Star
Level ID 638047 (Now deleted)
Song Clubstep
Composer DJ-Nate

Gameplay Edit

This level starts off in the same way as the regular Clubstep level, but the first jump has extra spikes. After the yellow pad and the orbs, there is another jump present in Clubstep, but with 2 additional spikes that are fake in the regular level. The level continues like Clubstep but with 1 buffed jump as it goes into the next ship. The next ship is also like the regular level, but it has way tighter spaces (including 1 space fly). The next cube stays the same. Next, the mini ball stays the same for the most part, with some more taps and a more timed tap/click required. The next mini UFO and ship stay the same as they were in Clubstep, but invisible as the whole level is. The cube after is the same except that the first jumps are harder. The following mini UFOs and ships have tighter spaces and more spikes than in regular Clubstep. After the following cube, the rest is the same except the final ship, which has tighter spaces.

User Coins Edit

The user coins are at the end and are free rewards. They are not verified. In the last monster, go in the bottom row of destructible blocks to go through to complete the level with all 3 user coins.

Trivia Edit

  • There is another rated Invisible Clubstep that is not buffed by Player.
  • Krazyman50 was bugged that none of the rated Invisible Clubsteps were actually invisible, so he used an alpha trigger on the whole Clubstep level and made the true "Invisible Clubstep." However, none of his actually invisible levels besides Invisible Deadlocked have been rated.
  • After the buff, this level has been called "Invisible Clubstep EX" or "Invisible Clubstep X."
  • This Invisible Clubstep was the only one to be featured.
  • Along with all his other levels, this level has been deleted and Cyclic made it free stars prior to its deletion.

Walkthrough Edit

Geometry Dash Demon Levels - Invisible Clubstep (by Cyclical)

Geometry Dash Demon Levels - Invisible Clubstep (by Cyclical)

Credit to Muzik Bike