Country Vietnam
Age 15
Levels 27 (all starred), 3 none starred on 2nd acc
Other Info
Crew AVN
Position member
YouTube Channel [1]

ItsJerry4vn (formerly Jerry4Vietnam) is a Geometry Dash creator who is standing at top 44 in the creators' leaderboard. He has created many well-made levels, most of them are rated hard. His most popular level is Platinum Adventure, which is considered to be a very easy demon.

He stopped playing Geometry Dash and removed all stats in November 2015 with the reason: "Played this game for 2 years and it's time to stop". But he made a surprise return with a new level called Neon Moon in January 2016. He likely will quit Geometry Dash with him stating, "rip gd".

However, he created a second account named "Planterism" and upload 3 levels on it. The first one is Euphoria, a level sent to Mistah J's CC1. The second is "wat da hex", a joke challenge level. And the third one is probably the best but it got removed by himself, due to secret way (verification problem).


  • He only has 2 demon rated levels: DiamonD (considered a very hard demon) and Platinum Adventure (Very easy demon)
  • He made many collaboration levels with Ghostface.
  • He is one of the most popular Geometry Dash creators in South-East Asia, along side Dhafin, XeNone87, CubiX06, and Skitten.
  • He said on YouTube that he made Neon Moon because he was too bored.
  • His demon Platinum Adventure was made and rated in 1.9. It was a demon-worthy level, however, he updated the level to auto. The next day he updated the level to a semi-auto level, keeping the first half of the level being auto. In 2.0, he made a total change to the level. He rebuilt the level with 2.0 objects and easy gameplay.
  • He nerfed Platinum Adventure slightly.
    • Most people in 2.0 don't know the history of the level and concluded the rating was a mistake.

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