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GW Jax

Jax's most famous level

GW Jax is a very famous Geometry dash creator. Jax made many demons, the first Auto level, and made it in many map packs. Jax also made The Nightmare, one of the first and liked Demon Level. GW Jax is Korean.


  • The Nightmare (Most liked/popular demon, Demon pack #3)
  • Project J (Demon with many dislikes)
  • Auto play area (First & Most liked/popular auto level)
  • Super Cycles (Demon, Demon pack #2)
  • One Day (Insane rated 9 Stars)
  • Auto jumping area (Another auto level)
  • Operation (Another disliked demon)
  • Oh Yeah (First level & harder rated 6 Stars)
  • JaXstep (Insane rated 8 Stars)
  • Stand On Track (hard rated 5 stars)
  • Square Madness (harder rated 7 stars)
  • Exploring Area (hard rated 5 stars)
  • Deluxe Bomba (insane rated 8 stars)
  • Level A (normal rated 3 stars)
  • Timing (harder rated 6 stars)

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