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Country USA
Age 13
Levels 2 (none starred)
Other Info
Crew The Idiots
Position 37565
YouTube Channel [1

jdfr03 is an undeterred USA creator in Geometry Dash. As of October 25th, 2016, he has 1,921 stars, 95 secret coins, 339 user coins, and 26 demons. His most famous level was Valor, considering it was verified and uploaded by Krazyman50. He says he began to play Geometry Dash in late 1.9 on the lite version, but officially joined in early 2.0.


  • He plans to be in Mystic, the sequel to Valor. It is unknown if he will be in Instinct.
  • He is a member of a team called The Idiots.
  • He has created 2 levels so far. However, neither of them have been rated yet.
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