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Country The Netherlands
Age 15
Levels 80 (None Starred)
Other Info
Crew DH
Position 167
YouTube Channel Unknown

PompoenJeroen is a skilled player and builder who is ranked 100 on the global leaderboard of Geometry Dash. He currently has over 34,000 stars.


  • Levels
    • Alive: A Magical-Themed Insane Level (8 Stars)
    • ProtoType: A Space / Magical Themed Harder Level.
    • Reconnect: Uses the song Reconnect by DJVI, a Art Themed Harder level.
    • Space Travel (Collab with DragonScaleDH and SimonRyder): a Space Themed Harder level.
    • Cave: a Cave-Themed Insane Demon level.
    • Lost: A Dark-Themed Hard level.
    • Present: A Poisonous-Themed Hard level.
    • Arcade: One of his first Harder levels, a Custom-Themed level.
    • The Passive: uses Whisker by Azazal as its song, a shadow-themed Insane level.
    • Rocket Sight: A Poisonous Hard Level
    • Silent: A Poisonous Normal Level
    • Zedd: A Fire / Lava Themed Harder Level
    • The Unreal: A Poisonous Extreme Demon Level
    • Friends: A Cloudy-Themed Insane Level
    • The Dark Cave III: A Dark-Themed Hard Demon Level

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