Country Finland
Age 16
Levels 84 (73 Starred)
Other Info
Crew GeoStorm
Position 20735 (Global)

5 (Creators)

YouTube Channel [1]

Jeyzor is a popular Finnish level creator in Geometry Dash. He had a part in numerous mega-collaborations including the likes of Supersonic and Yatagarasu. He is the creator of Ditched Machine, which is a popular 1.9 difficult demon level. Later in 2.0, he made a sequel for Ditched Machine, named Abandoned Machine.

He has also started a series called Geometry Dashers' Grammar Sucks where he bashes some players' grammar for being wrong.

Levels Edit

Demon Levels: Edit

Normal Levels: Edit

Hard: Edit

  • Simplicity
  • For Matilda
  • Purple
  • Technology
  • Mystical Ocean
  • GoldenClub
  • CandyLand 2
  • Electronic Universe
  • Retro
  • Horror
  • o3o
  • Scary Screams
  • Unnamed 17
  • Cloudy Wolrdy

Harder: Edit

  • Wormhole
  • SpeedUp
  • Shooting Star
  • Sunset 2
  • CandyLand
  • Highway
  • DreamTour
  • Mystical Island
  • Top Secret
  • SunSet 4
  • SunSet 5
  • The Isolation
  • Carneval of Colors
  • Happy Dreams
  • SunSet 6
  • Lost Kingdom
  • Emergency
  • Matrix
  • Through the Galaxy
  • Success
  • The Land of Nod
  • Crunchy Pear
  • Crazy Cosmos
  • Lighter
  • Prism Glory
  • Spectrum Dust
  • Pixel Paradise
  • That One Level
  • Psychotropic
  • Pixel Sky Palace
  • Contrast

Insane: Edit

  • SunSet
  • Paranormal Activity
  • Flashing Journey
  • Plasmatic
  • SunSet 3
  • Laboratory
  • Level Mix
  • Rise of the Dead
  • Color Chase
  • Futuristica
  • SunSet 7
  • Nostalgia
  • New Level


  • His favorite color is purple.
  • He is the alleged creator of the Sunset style of levels, because he has a level series called 'Sunset'.
  • His one demon level, Castle, has got a secret way. However, RobTop didn't see it and it's still rated and featured demon. in Update 1.7 the level in a Gravity Ball section part, some of the decoration was solid. After Update 1.9, none of the decoration is solid which resulted in the secret way being accessible
  • He used a texture pack he created, named Purpura.
  • He also plays Overwatch, which he has been uploading seldom as he most recently uploads Geometry Dash videos now.
  • His profile picture contains a purple background and a slow loris hanging on to a vine with a 'J' on its head.
  • One of his demons was on the top 50 list but got demoted recently.