Juliavanse Team
Country Vietnam
Age 17 (both)
Levels 35
Other Info
Crew Geometry Legends (RayOriens only), X League
Position None
YouTube Channel [1]

Juliavanse Team is a lesser known, but very talented, creator team in Geometry Dash that consists of 2 Vietnamese creators: M3nhHu3 and RayOriens. They create many well-designed and good game-play levels. Their most famous level is a 2.0 demon named Unitika, an excellent remake of the original level Unity made by FunnyGame and TriAxis. The GDVN community believe that they are the best Geometry Dash creators team in Vietnam.


  • The reason they teamed up is because they usually collab together.
  • RayOriens' real name is Mai The Hung and he owns an account on the Geometry Dash Fan Wikia named Rayoriens.
  • They currently have 350 subcribers.
  • The Juliavanse Team YouTube channel actually used to be RayOriens' channel in the past. He changed the name when Hu3 and Ray teamed up.
  • Geometry Dash Pineapple gave a shout-out to them because he knows that they are talented and deserve a lot more attention in GD and more subscribers on YouTube.