Juliavanse Team
Country Vietnam
Age 17 (both)
Levels 35
Other Info
Crew Geometry Legends (RayOriens only), X League
Position None
YouTube Channel [1]

Juliavanse Team is a lesser known, but very talented, creator team that consists of 2 Vietnamese creators: M3nhHu3 and RayOriens. They create many well-designed and good gameplay levels. Their most famous level is a demon named Unitika, an excellent remake of the original level Unity made by FunnyGame and TriAxis. The GDVN community believe that they are the best GD creators team in Vietnam.


  • The reason they teamed up is because they usually collab together.
  • RayOriens' real name is Mai The Hung and he owns an account on the Geometry Dash Fan Wikia named Rayoriens.
  • They currently have 350 subcribers.
  • The Juliavanse Team YouTube channel actually used to be RayOriens' channel in the past. He changed the name when Hu3 and Ray teamed up.
  • Geometry Dash Pineapple gave a shoutout to them because he knows that they are talented and deserve a lot more attention in GD and more subscribers on Youtube.

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