Country Spain
Age 14
Levels 89 (0 starred)
Other Info
Crew SE, DC
Position 9468 (Global)
YouTube Channel [1]

KaotikJumper is a very popular Spanish player and level creator in Geometry Dash. He is most well known for his difficult/impossible levels. He also has a Skype account.


  • The Opposite (first level)
  • Fearless (downgraded, originally rated 5 stars)
  • Death Corridor (most famous level)
  • Haunted Corridor (mega-collaboration by Silent Engine members, including himself)
  • Deadly Corridor (extreme sequel to Death Corridor, verified by Metalface221)
  • Shitty Corridor (remake of Death Corridor with no decoration)


  • Like Cyrillic and Sailent, he is well-known for making impossible levels, especially the 'Corridor' series.
  • He is accused as a hacker by some players due to his impossible levels.
  • On November 29th, 2015, he uploaded a video about leaving the community. However, he came back after about a month.
  • On March 6th, 2016, he uploaded a video about how he got angry because of how many people misspelled his name.