Level Information
Creator PhantomRamos
Difficulty Harder Harder
Stars Star0
Level ID 33970979
Song Polargeist
Composer Step

Ketchup is an extremely hard 2.1 level with no decoration. It requires insanely crucial timings and great luck This level was verified using a hack and was a competitor level to Ice Cream. It uses about 14k objects and is a long level.


The level starts off with a huge section of blue jump rings, with gears surrounding them. You have to guess where the level continues, with no arrows or warnings (Look closely at a red circle) or you will crash into a wall. Then you go up to a huge straight fly with a few spikes, requiring at least one good straight fly to complete. You enter a wave, then a few cube jumps, and a dual ball. Then you will transform into a single ball with a very very small gape in between the jumps. You end up in a red place (Which is considered to be a ketchup bottle by the creator) With a big wave, then a UFO with really good luck, then a wide wave, only for not long after to enter another dual ball, but way easier. than you go on a ship up to an almost-impossible wave with a very very narrow length. You relax with the same jump as the beginning (but with yellow rings) to find a blue ring (Jump or die). Then you enter a ship with no spikes and a wider length, which is easier. Then the last part is a triple speed cube where you jump past six giant spikes on a slope. Then you go at slow speed to see a "GG" message.


  • It was one of the fastest booming levels by extremely unpopular creators, managing 45 downloads and 5 likes in it's first eight hours.
  • The level was meant to be popular, but it has 52 downloads and 5 likes since it's upload on May 18, 2017.
  • It took the creator 4 hours to make, and involves simple, undecorated design and has several effort into it.

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