Level Information
Creator Hota1991 (creator), Satanoth, TrusTa, Riot, Andromeda, Knobbelboy, Mulpan, Partition, Surv, Jeffry Kawaii
Difficulty Extreme Demon Extreme Demon (proably)
Stars 10 Star
Level ID TBA
Song Realm of the King Bowser
Composer SuperMario123

Khrone is an upcoming 2.1 Extreme Demon collaboration by Hota1991 and more. This level contains 400,000 objects. Hota1991 created another part with Youtube stream, these a night sky with moon. these inspired Satanoth and Knobbelboy's part.


Satanoth: The level starts off with a very hard and fierce ship sequence.

TrusTa, Riot: This consists of a fire-styled wave section.

Knobbelboy: This is a bossfight which begins at the drop. Here, Bowser appears on-screen.

Andromeda, Surv: This consists of an extremely hard wave segment.

Partition, Jeffry Kawaii: Here, the ending credits are shown and an explosion flashes on-screen. Then, the level ends.


  • King Bowser was inspired from Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story.
  • On %50, Knobbelboy created Hawth Bowserth's head with a pentagram.




Khorne's part two01:23

Khorne's part two.

First part:

Secondary part:

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