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Country USA
Age 13
Levels Unknown
Other Info
Crew Team OneNation (kicked)
Position None
YouTube Channel  ???

KingDavid3241 is a North American player who began his journey since early spring, during Update 2.0. With a love for creating, he has made about 122 online levels. His first level was called Outdated Level (or outdated level). At the time, he was an unregistered user. He stayed unregistered for about 3 months before making an account. He has a good competition between him and Neptune's levels, especially demons. He has currently beaten 15 demons, 3 of which are by Neptune. He has also completed The NightmareThe Lightning Road, all 3 original demons (Clubstep, Theory of Everything 2, and Deadlocked), Insane Club, Death Moon, and 5 other demons. He is best known for his frustration on Death Moon, as he crashed on it at 76% 3 times. He then quit trying to beat Death Moon after that fail. Yet on October 13th, he beat it. He was kicked from Team OneNation, a Geometry Dash collaboration team. Today, he has 1025 stars and 104 user coins. He claims to be a great straight flyer.

Levels Edit

  • Extreme Torture - This was a hell-themed Extreme Demon collaboration of 5 that was verified by UtimateRedux on October 9th, 2016.
  • Ultimate Morality - This was a collaboration with winter.
  • Death Misfigures - This was set to be a detailed remake of Conical Depression By Krazyman50. This level was, however, cancelled.
  • End Of The World (name pending) - A hell themed mega-collaboration of 15 (or more) that is planned to be the hardest possible demon made, without being outperformed by any other level.
  • Death Chime - A red and black themed level inspired by Bloodbath and Cataclysm, this level was originally planned to be rated Extreme Demon, but it had a huge lack of 2.0 blocks and decoration.
  • Death Chime Remaster - A more detailed remake of Death Chime, which gives more effects and proves to be a demon, it was updated September 19th, 2016, with pulse triggers and different path shapes and colors.
  • Silent Kingwave - This is a level that was made to be a Demon, but so much lack of decoration. Considered impossible, it was legitimately verified on Everyplay.
  • King Of Everything 3 - This is a level inspired by Theory of Everything 2 and Death Corridor's ball part. It was his first level that had straight flying in it.
  • Mini Wave Challenge - A difficult wave challenge, this short level was legitimately verified on Everyplay surprisingly in just 4 attempts.