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Country The Netherlands
Age 16
Levels 14 (4 starred)
Other Info
Crew GS
Position 12788 (global)
YouTube Channel [1]
Knobbelboy (stylized as knobbelboy) is an extremely skilled Dutch Geometry Dash player and level creator. He is well-known for beating Extreme Demons such as Bloodbath, Cataclysm, The Hell Factory, Athanatos and most recently, Bloodlust.

On July 16th, 2016, he became the 10th person to legitimately beat Bloodbath in 29,973 attempts.[1]

On August 16th, 2016, Quasar quit Geometry Dash and gave Bloodlust to Knobbelboy to verify.

On February 20th, 2018, he verified Bloodlust with a total of 121,296 attempts, which is considered as the currently hardest demon on Geometry Dash by most players, with some thinking Plasma Pulse Finale is harder.

Controversy Edit

When the creator Manix648 quit Geometry Dash he took Fusion Z with him, cancelling the level. However Knobbelboy went against him and continued the level. In the end Manix and Knobbelboy came to an agreement; he would continue building the level under a different name and specific parts would be redesigned.

Levels Edit

  • Rated Levels
    • The Furious: A hard demon with tons of detailed effects and end animations.
    • Dark Rainbow Rebirth: A remake of an old 1.9 of his called Dark Rainbow with new deco, gameplay, and more.
    • Crying Souls: An early 2.0 Nine Circles remake.
    • Crystal Field: Another rainbow-styled harder difficulty level made in late 1.9.
    • Bloodlust: A megacollab rebirth of Bloodbath that is now considered to be the hardest demon on Geometry Dash.
  • Unrated Levels
    • The Blade: A tiny level showcasing the art of the blade used in Blade Of Justice.
    • ContestX ViPriN: A level made for Viprin's Yatagarasu Contest.
    • HopeLess: A dark red cavern-themed insane level with gameplay very similar to Stalemate by Nox, as they both have the same song. It is to be remade by Zimnior12.
    • Bullseye: An insane difficulty green nine circles level.
    • The End of Time: A red-themed insane difficulty collab with Kg583.
    • Rainbow Aura: A long harder difficulty level made for Rek3dge's contest.
    • NeverEnding: A harder difficulty rainbow-themed level.
    • Before Midnight: Another rainbow-themed level. It was made in 1.9 and is a collab by DashFire and Knobbelboy himself.
    • Knock Knock: A rainbow-themed level inspired by La Campanella by Funnygame.
    • Dark Rainbow: Knobbelboy's first level made in 1.9.
  • Upcoming Levels
    • God Eater: A solo extreme demon boasting over 400,000 objects when finished. It features highly detailed art and block design along with highly varying gameplay. It's also very highly anticipated and has a lot of hype for his most recent preview for God Eater
    • Ragnarok: An extreme demon megacollab with Panman30, Rustam, Gaero, Th04, Xaro, Zephiro, Chase, Skitten, LazerBlitz, Vanik, and Giron.
    • Fusion Z: Another extreme demon megacollab previously hosted by Manix648 and later cancelled by him. Knobbelboy picked it up and it will be verified by Geomania. The name will be changed
    • Chaos Wing: A wave based demon level made for RedHuseey. Its inspired by RedHuseey's favorite level Sonic wave.
    • Singularity: a new upcoming extreme demon with purple as main color.
    • Counter attack: A solo XL extreme demon that will be his main progress after God eater.
    • Project Nep Nep: a seven minute level that is still in development

Trivia Edit

  • He has a video on YouTube which is a tutorial of making a Demon Face on Geometry Dash.
  • On September 4th, 2016, he uploaded a teaser video of Bloodlust.
  • He is friends with Geomania who also verified his Nine Circles level Crying Souls. Geomania was also chosen by Knobbelboy to verify Fusion Z.
    • Crying Souls quickly gained fame as it was the first Nine Circles remake to utilize moving objects.
  • He crashed at 98% once and 97% three times on Bloodlust[2].

References Edit