Anime-boy-giz 4ever-34042718-494-564
Country Chicago, Illinois, USA
Age 11
Levels 2 (None starred)
Other Info
Crew Team Kopa
Position Banned (Global)
YouTube Channel Unknown

KopaAir is an American GD player who lost his stats.


Kopa started playing in September 2014 when his friend show him Geometry Dash. He kept failing in Stereo Madness as a beginner. But, then he beat it and Back on Track also. In the middle of December 2014, He beat Hex Force by Hex using a secret way. In January 2015, He beat The Nightmare, The Lightning Road, and Demon Mixed. In March-April 2016, He beat Clubstep on his IPhone while he was at Las Vegas, Nevada. In the Middle of 2016, He started to beat Easy and Medium Demons, such as Radioactive Demon, Lights and Thunder, and Laser Room. In March 2017, He beat Triple Flask, Problematic and DeCode. Sadly, In April 2017 he lost all his stats and levels. On April 23, 2017, He beat Cataclysm, one of the hardest demons.


  • He lost his stats in April 2017.
  • He participated in a megacollab called Tight Space by KopaAir, f3lixsram, Loserchik67, and Nasgubb.

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