Country Michigan, USA
Age 16 (July)
Levels 16 (14 starred)
Other Info
Crew GeoStorm (GS)
Position 2121 (Global as of Dec 21, 2016)
YouTube Channel [1]
Krazyman50 is a North American player who has completed numerous Hard Demon levels.


Invisible Deadlocked: As the title suggests, it is a COMPLETELY invisible version of Deadlocked using an alpha trigger.

Rearmed: This is a remake of his old 1.9 level Unarmed. It uses the song Unarmed by DexArson.

Lit Fuse: This is a Hard Demon that is XL in length.

Conical Depression: This is an Extreme Demon made as a joke, hence why it only consists objects from 1.0.

Phobos: A previously hacked 1.9/2.0 mega-collaboration created by KobaZz, Honeyb, TechneT, GMTSean, Jobet, Eduardo, iBlade, Palery, TerraSmokes, Jo2000, DreamEater, Tygrysek, Iqrar99, Skitten, KuBs0n, Andromeda, Caernarvon725, Razur, WOOGI1411 and Riqirez.

Hi: His casual level, known for its difficult dual sections.

Falling Up: Possibly his most famous level out there, a solo level, which made the song "Time Leaper" by hinkik popular.

Heartbeat: One of his hardest levels. It was decorated by AirSwipe and AncientAnubis. This level is disliked because of the strange song it uses, and the cancerous game-play with lots of spam-click and mashing that was built on purpose. This level is on par with Cataclysm, being significantly harder than it looks.

Valor: This is a USA 2.0 mega-collaboration named after one of the teams in Pokemon GO.

Elite Z Rebirth: This is an updated version of Elite Z, a level made by PLAY 4075365 and was decorated with the help of Airswipe.

M A N I X: A level that Manix648 created as a joke for Krazyman50 to verify. All obstacles in this level are invisible. However the real rated version is on Manix's account and the obstacles are visible in that version. However, sometime in March, RobTop gave this level an insane demon rating.

Black Blizzard: An extreme, black and white timing demon. He proclaimed it as his "Best and hardest demon yet."

Hungry Humphrey: A joke level, with bland block design, but with amazing, realistic art for Humphrey. It was known for its odd ending, which is both scary and unique, which is by being digested. He says that this level is a tale of the values of companionship, enjoyment and self-discovery. However, the companionship part was wrong, because the player ended up getting eaten by him.


  • He has created a literally invisible version of the main levels of Geometry Dash. Some of them remained unrated, while Invisible Deadlocked and M A N I X are the only ones that got a rating.
  • He has created custom song remixes/mashups for Ultimate Demon Mix and Obscurum.
  • Recently, all his levels were changed into free stars, but it got fixed.
  • He is the creator with the largest amount of "Extreme" rated demons, a whole 5 demons(!) These include Conical Depression, Phobos, Heartbeat, Elite Z Rebirth and Black Blizzard.
  • He has been been in numerous mega-collaborations like Valor, Cosmic Calamity, Mystic, and Digital Descent.
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