Kurumi City
Kurumi City
Level Information
Creator Swirl, Luneth, WOOGI1411, Ryoon, Dhk2725, IRabb2tI, and Crepuscle (Verified by Koreaqwer) (Re-Verified by COSINE)
Difficulty Insane Demon Insane Demon
Stars 10Star
Level ID 15845254
Song Time Machine
Composer Waterflame

Kurumi City is a very difficult level by RyooN (Formerly Xnail) and 6 others. It is full of tight spaces, timings, and memory sections. Many parts are rather buggy. Due to this, it is considered an Insane Demon.


The level uses a consistent well-decorated style. The level uses a gray color scheme, with many flashing lasers in different areas. It varies, using some artistic-styled blocks while using different styles in other parts, consistently using shading however.


The level starts with the text "Kurumi City", as well as a rabbit. This is Swirl's part. The first cube has a few tricky timings, and is followed up by a very short ship part. Then there is a rather tricky cube part with a few difficult timings. There are 2 mirror portals in this part. Then there is a slow mirrored wave with very tight spaces, as well as a triple speed mashing section later. Then Luneth's part starts. Then there is a rather tricky ball part with some timing and memorization. Then there is a slow wave with very tight spaces. This leads into a simple cube part with one orb, leading into WOOGI1411's part, a very difficult ship part with several orbs and gravity portals. Then there is a timing-based ball part. Then there is a quite difficult dual, that starts at triple speed mini cube, then goes through several speed and size portals. This part is considered to be quite buggy. Then there is a mini cube, as Ryoon's part. This part is just memory based. Then there is a moderately tricky dual cube, followed by a more memory-based cube part. Then there is a heavily memory-based ball part. Then there is an auto cube. Then Dhk2725's part starts. This is followed by another memory based ball part, which has more timings. Then there is a very tight slow mini wave with a bit of mashing. Then IRabb2tI's part starts. It starts with a very difficult dual cube, which leads into a heavily skill-based dual ship. This leads into a slow ship, then going into an auto cube part and Crepuscle's part. It starts with a difficult swingcopters section with a mini portal. Then there is a very difficult and buggy dual ball. Then there is a ship with a green orb, followed by a tight triple speed mini wave, leading into a UFO part with several orbs, and finally a ship part with a few varied orbs. Then the level ends with an auto ball part, showing the names of the collab members who participated in this collab: "Swirl", "Luneth", "Woogi", "Xnail", "Dhk2725", "Crepuscule", "Rabb2t", and finally "Kurumi City". There are 2 rabbits at the end.


  • The level lacks a robot part.
  • The level was verified twice, once by Koreaqwer, and then by COSINE. Its because the level has an unintentional secret way.


  • Koreaqwer crashed twice at 89%.
  • TBGeo123 crashed at 91%.
  • Failure444 crashed at 91%.
  • Stormfly crashed at 94%.
  • Demonic Platypus crashed 3 times at 85%, 3 times at 86%, 2 times at 88%, 3 times at 89%, 7 times at 90%, 5 times at 91%, 3 times at 94%, and 2 times at 95%.


  • The first coin can be reached by going up on the first slow wave, and mashing to avoid dying.
  • The second coin can be gotten before the drop at around 80-85%
  • The third coin is gotten by going through the rabbit at the end of the level.


Xnail and more! (All coins)03:47

Xnail and more! (All coins)

Credits to Demonic Platypus.

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