Not to be confused with Cadrega City by Pennutoh.

Kurumi City
Kurumi City
Level Information
Creator Swirl, Luneth, WOOGI1411, Ryoon, Dhk2725, IRabb2tI and Crepuscle (Verified by Koreaqwer) (Re-Verified by COSINE)
Difficulty Insane Demon Insane Demon
Stars 10Star
Level ID 15845254
Song Time Machine
Composer Waterflame

Kurumi City is a 2.0 Insane Demon created by RyooN (Formerly Xnail) and six others. It is full of tight spaces, timings, and memory sections. Many parts are rather buggy. Due to this, it is considered an Insane Demon. It’s currently on the legacy list of the Official Geometry Dash Demonlist.


The level uses a consistent well-decorated style. The level utilizes a gray color scheme, with many flashing lasers in different areas. It varies, using some artistic-styled blocks while using different styles in other parts, consistently using shading however.


The level starts with the text "Kurumi City," as well as a rabbit. This is Swirl's part. The first cube has a few tricky timings, and is followed up by a very short ship part. Then there is a rather tricky cube section that consists of a few difficult timings. There are two mirror portals in this part. Then there is a slow mirrored wave with very tight spaces, as well as a triple speed mashing section later. Then Luneth's part starts. Then there is a rather tricky ball part with some timing and memorization. Then there is a slow wave with very tight spaces. This leads into a simple cube part with one orb, leading into WOOGI1411's part, a very difficult ship sequence with several jump orbs and gravity portals. Then there is a timing-based ball segment. Then there is a quite difficult dual segment, that starts at triple speed mini cube, then goes through several speed and size portals. This part is considered to be quite buggy. Then there is a mini cube, as Ryoon's part. This part is just memory based. Then there is a moderately tricky dual cube, followed by a more memory-based cube part. Then there is a heavily memory-based ball part. Then there is an auto cube. Then Dhk2725's part starts. This is followed by another memory based ball part, which has more timings. Then there is a very tight slow mini wave with a bit of mashing. Then IRabb2tI's part starts. It starts with a very difficult dual cube, which leads into a heavily skill-based dual ship. This leads into a slow ship, then going into an auto cube part and Crepuscle's part. It starts with a difficult swingcopters section with a mini portal. Then there is a very difficult and buggy dual ball. Then there is a ship with a green orb, followed by a tight triple speed mini wave, leading into a UFO part with several orbs, and finally a ship part with a few varied orbs. Then the level ends with an auto ball part, showing the names of the collab members who participated in this collab: "Swirl", "Luneth", "Woogi", "Xnail", "Dhk2725", "Crepuscule", "Rabb2t", and finally "Kurumi City." There are two rabbits at the end.


  • The level lacks a robot segment.
  • The level was verified twice, once by Koreaqwer, and then by COSINE. This is because the level has an unintentional secret way.


  • Koreaqwer crashed twice at 89%.
  • TBGeo123 crashed at 91%.
  • Failure444 crashed at 91%.
  • Stormfly crashed at 94%.
  • Demonic Platypus crashed 3 times at 85%, 3 times at 86%, 2 times at 88%, 3 times at 89%, 7 times at 90%, 5 times at 91%, 3 times at 94%, and 2 times at 95%.

User Coins

  • The first coin can be reached by going up on the first slow wave, and mashing to avoid crashing.
  • The second coin can be claimed before the drop at around 80-85%
  • The third coin is gotten by going through the rabbit at the end of the level.


Xnail and more! (All coins)

Xnail and more! (All coins)

Credits to Demonic Platypus.