Level Easy
Level Information
Creator Cody
Difficulty NormalNormal
Stars 3Star
Level ID 11940
Song Stereo Madness
Composer ForeverBound

Level Easy is a Geometry Dash level by Cody. Being the first map pack level ever implemented, Level Easy is the most downloaded custom level in the game, with currently over 27 million downloads and 2.5 million likes.


This level is the first level of the Beginner Pack. It starts with a cube sequence that can be considered no more difficult than Stereo Madness, and later goes to a ship section which is still rather easy although one part involves the player having to manoeuver through a passage with spikes on both sides as seen in the picture. Following that is another cube sequence which involves several sets of triple spikes, and halfway through this section is an auto section where the cube just moves up and down a small slope of slabs. The level finishes off with several ship obstacles, including some reminiscent of Dry Out.


  • Despite its name, the level's difficulty is Normal.
  • This level is featured in the Beginner Pack. Even if it is signed with an Easy face, this pack has Normal and Hard levels.


Geometry Dash Map Pack Series - Beginner Pack - Level Easy (by Cody)

Geometry Dash Map Pack Series - Beginner Pack - Level Easy (by Cody)

Credits to Muzik Bike

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