Light Years
Level Information
Creator TheChile, Krueger, TheKris, Vicetrix, Kseageap, xCar, JX2501, Wandy, StarGazer, LolenGames, Smokes (Verified and Published by Smokes)
Difficulty Insane Demon Insane Demon
Stars 10Star
Level ID 12017252
Song Lightspeed
Composer Waterflame

Light Years is a demon level, created by Smokes and others. Due to it's general difficulty and tricky sections, it is generally considered to be an Insane Demon.

Gameplay Edit


The level starts with TheChile's part. It starts with a slow cube with some timings and tricks, and then a moderately tight wave.


Krueger's part starts with a cube with a few trolls, and then a ball with some memory and timing.


TheKris's part is a double-speed wave, with several size portals and tight sections. Then there is an ultrasonic-styled ball part with many fakes.


Vicetrix's part has moderately tight ufo and ship parts with gravity portals.


It is a double speed cube part with several fakes and timings.


Car's part starts with a slow upside down wave that weaves through tight spaces, followed by a short timing-based ball section.


JX's part is a memory/timing ball, followed with difficult ufo and ship sections.


This part has 2 tight waves separated by a short ship part with several jump orbs.


G2A's part starts with a tricky mixed dual of ball and ship, followed by a tight triple speed wave, a short ship part, a simple cube part and ball part, and a very tight wave.


Lolen's part starts with a tight ship with several gravity portals, followed by a moderately tight effect-styled wave, and then a ship part with several jump orbs


Smokes part begins with a tight 8o styled UFO, followed by a timing based ball section, then the level ends.

Trivia Edit

  • It contains a wide variety of styles, more different styles than almost any other megacollab.
  • It was updated on February 8, 2016, improving several parts and buffing the last part.
  • So far, nobody except Fruitsnack and Smokes has beaten it.

Walkthrough Edit

Geometry Dash Demon -Very Hard- - Light Years (UPDATE) - by Smokes (me) & 10 more

Geometry Dash Demon -Very Hard- - Light Years (UPDATE) - by Smokes (me) & 10 more

Credits to Smokes.