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Level Information
Creator PissedPisi
Difficulty Harder Harder
Stars 0Star
Level ID Unknown
Song Golden Haze
Composer Detious

Loaded is a harder level by PissedPisi. However, it features many traps and surprises. Also, unlike most other levels, it is nature-themed.


The level starts with a few simple spike jumps. After the spike jumps, it becomes harder with slopes that needs jumps. After the cube, the player will transform into a less difficult ship with some sawblades. However, ship becomes harder as it goes on. After the ship, a mini cube comes with some surprises and few simple spike jumps.After a while, the level gets much harder as blocks (used to be grass) and "trees" become red. This place starts with a very easy cube, and then a moderate ball. After the ball, the player will transform into a difficult wave with tight spaces. After the wave, a cube with some tricks, different paths and moderate jumps will come. After that, blocks go green again, but after a while, they transform into red again. The player will be a moderate cube with triple speed. This cube needs crucial timing and moderate jumps. At the middle of the cube, the player will transform into a very difficult dual mini cube that is inspired of Theory of Skrillex, but easier. After the dual, the player will transform into a cube with double speed and the level will end.

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