Country Vietnam
Age 15
Levels Unknown
Other Info
Crew TouchArcade, AVN
Position None
YouTube Channel [1]
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Logik (AKA TheFakeLogik, or former iLogik in game) is a pretty well known Geometry Dash creator. He created many "fun" gameplays and "Logik styles" designed levels. His most popular level that pushed him to stardom is Foxtrox, one of the most famous demon level in 2.02.

His father died after months in hospital, He confirmed this on all social medias


  • He had participated in numerous collaborations with members of TouchArcade, especially Wolfstar and Cube Creator, and some collabs with AVN members like GDRafe or NTT. Sadly, many of those were ditched.
  • Foxtrox is well-known because of "funky" music and a "funny" gameplay style. That's new to the community. He didn't even expect that Foxtrox could be so popular like that, even though he knew that level is his best shot.
  • Due to a bug, Logik has lost his "masterpiece" level that he spent so much time working on, and it made many people regret. The song of that level is Highscore (re-uploaded, but got copyrighted again because of fake Panda-eyes account).
  • His best friend, who is also a player on YouTube, is GoodSmile, who also verified Sound Journey, a demon that considered to be the hardest level he ever made.
  • His favorite game is League Of Legends (he doesn't always play Geometry Dash).
  • In his newest YouTube video, he said: "So hey guys, I have been inactive more than usual. That's because, 1) Gd is boring. 2) I have found better games. And my dad is sick, so I have to take care of him. I won't be uploading much... Also the level is ditched and I will give it to someone else," which meant he might quit GD now.