Look Up
Level Information
Creator Vic21102
Difficulty Hard
Stars 0
Level ID 14960301
Song Look Up
Composer Geoplex

Look Up is a Hard-difficulty level by Vic21102.


This level starts out with a simple normal speed cube part, which has some jump rings, some platforms, and a triple spike.

There is a fairly simple ship part after this, and this is where the first coin can be found.

There is a UFO part after the ship part.

After that comes the drop in the song, and gameplay goes into a double speed wave part that is a little difficult, but still simple. It lasts for 8 measures in the song.

Gameplay then goes into a robot part of the same speed, which has some jump rings and some platforms. This section is where the second coin can be found. At the end of this section, there is a five spike, and then a countdown timing with the beat of the music.

It is followed by a triple speed ball section with a rapidly changing rainbow BG. This rainbow effect lasts until the end of the level.

The ball part is followed by a fairly difficult triple speed ship part. This section is when the third coin can be found.

It then goes into a slow UFO section, where it is simple.

The final section of the level is a normal speed cube with some jump rings, and then you can see the creator's name, Vic21102, and then to rate it 4 stars, to like, and thank you.


  • This level is 1 minute and 6 seconds long, making it Vic21102's shortest original level.
  • The creator requested 4 stars on the level, which is appropriate with its current rating.
  • This level currently has 370 downloads and 73 likes, making it Vic21102's (agvj202 on Wikia) second most popular level.
  • This level has a sequel called Look Down. It has an ID of 17493226, and it is also by Vic21102.


GD - Look Up - by Vic21102 (read description)01:11

GD - Look Up - by Vic21102 (read description)

Credits to Vic21102.

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