Lords of Industry
Level Information
Creator SuperJedi224
Difficulty NA N/A
Stars Star 0 (requested 2)
Level ID 27970724
Song Industrial Lullaby
Composer Steampianist

Lords of Industry is a level by SuperJedi224. It is a relatively easy level that is currently unrated. The creator describes it as his "first real level", although he did release an auto level and a few simple test levels first.


The level begins with a fairly straightforward cube sequence resembling the opening to Dream of Night, which the creator of this level cited as one of his inspirations. This is followed by a ball sequence, then a spaceship sequence with some obstacles, then a simple double ball. After this comes a mini cube with simple single-spike jumps, and finally another regular cube with double spikes from there to the end.


  • The first coin is located at 11%, during the opening cube. It can be accessed by jumping over the second blue jump pad, then doing a simple spike jumping sequence.
  • The second coin is located at 30%, near the end the first ball.
  • The final coin is located at 80%, between the two gears during the mini cube.

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