LuisBentoso profilepic
Country General Santos, resides in Philippines
Age 11
Levels 10 (none starred)
Other Info
Position 788920 (global)
YouTube Channel [1]

Lewis MacDragon (LuisBentoso in the game, Leogaming30 on the Wiki) was a Geometry Dash player and YouTuber, but he created the fan-made Geometry Dash player oath. He finished some demons but never saved in his account. On May 30, 2017, he finished Fingerdash.

On July 26, 2017, he posted a video on his new YouTube channel, which shows him finishing his very first online demon, The Nightmare. He said something on the notepad on his Computer.

He finished Blast Processing, Polargeist and Geometrical Dominator, but last time it was troll.

Geometry Dash Player OathEdit

His own-created Fan Made GD Player Oath, inspired by players.

"I, (player name), promising to finish every Geometry Dash level, Demon levels and etc. I will give honor to everyone, I will do everything to make RobTop proud of me, and to my family in friends who support me in playing this game. Mabuhay (live in Filipino) ang Geometry Dash!"

Levels Edit

Due to him being unknown, all of his levels barely have any downloads and likes or dislikes.

  • Message to Robtop (A copied level that shows RobTop not featuring any of unknown creators' levels)
  • Geomeric Supernova (A copied level except with crazy toggles like Alpha and Move. This is a Shitty Level from RobTop's Geometrical Dominator. Song changed to Supernova by XTrullor)
  • Darkness (A 3 minuted level with Insane difficulty requested)
  • Dark (Sequel to LuisBentoso's Darkness. Beginning is same as Bloodbath. Until 4 Minutes and 5 Seconds, finished, but not verified)
  • Nightmare (his Easy Demon-rated Insane released July 23, 2017 Nightmare by XTrullor)
  • PokeWave (Copy from Silent Circles.)
  • SuperDash (a Bloodbath-like level)
  • Longneck (a Insane medium level)

Trivia Edit

  • He cried and raged for 2 days after getting 98% on Polargeist. His Polargeist Fail is on his Facebook post.
  • He has finsihed 2 Demon levels. But after the release of 1.9, the Demons he finished was not added on his finished Demon Counter on his account profile.
  • He already finished Fingerdash 115 times. He finished the Fingerdash of his fellow friends' phones.
  • He has quit Geometry Dash for 6 Weeks.
  • The first demon he actually finished was The Nightmare.
  • He went back to Geometry Dash with a new channel Lewis MacDragon.
  • The SuperDash level from him is a Bloodbath parody.
  • He lives in the Philippines, giving him the most crappy internet provider.
  • LuisBentoso has already finished 25 Demons.
  • LuisBentoso also created the Geometry Dash Player Oath, inspired by players.