Country General Santos, Philippines
Age 11
Levels 4
Other Info
Crew GD
Position 21986
YouTube Channel [1]

LeoGaming (LuisBentoso in-game) is a not popular Geometry Dash player and YouTuber, but he created the fan-made Geometry Dash player oath. He finished some demons but never saved in his account, The Nightmare and Yatagarasu. On May 30, 2017 his birthday, he got a blessing. He finished the Fingerdash Level.

He finished Blast Processing, Polargeist and Geometrical Dominator, but last time it was troll. He cried and raged for 2 days, which kinda sucks. [2] His Polargeist Fail in his Facebook post. LeoGaming as his YouTube Channel, which has some Geometry Dash videos, and more. He posted his Polargeist Fail on Facebook

Geometry Dash Player Oath

His own-created Fan Made GD Player Oath, inspired by players.

I, (player name), promising to finish every Geometry Dash level, Demon levels and etc. I will give honor to everyone, I will do everything to make RobTop proud of me, and to my family in friends who support me in playing this game. Mabuhay (live in Filipino) ang Geometry Dash!


Of course, nobody played his levels. N/A all levels.

Message to Robtop

This level is copied. This level shows that Robtop doesn't feature levels from non-famous players. He was one of them, so he copied the level and added his name to it.

Geomeric Supernova

This level is copied. He only added some crazy toggles like Alpha and Move. This is a "Shitty" level from RobTop's Geometrical Dominator. He changed the song to Supernova by XTrullor.

Auto Level

This level is also copied from Yakine's "Destructive Auto" and the song Ultimade Destruction by TMM43. He changed the name to Auto Level and chamged the song to Deadlocked.


This level is real-created by LuisBentoso. This is an N/A insane level. The size of the level is 3 Minutes and he used the song At The Speed Of Light.


This level is a sequel to LuisBentoso's Darkness. It changed. The 1% to 3% part is the same one for the beginning of Bloodbath. The song is still At The Speed of Light. He finished the song. Until 4 Minutes and 5 Seconds, It's finished. But it is not yet verified.


This level is real-created by LuisBentoso. It was a N/A insane/easy demon level. Not yet verified. The song is Supernova by XTrullor.


  • LuisBentoso has finsihed 2 levels. But after the release of 1.9, The demons he finished was not added on his finished Demon Counter on his account profile.
  • LuisBentoso, starting May 30, 2017, He already finished Fingerdash 115 times. He finished the Fingerdash of his fellow friend's phones.

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