Level Information
Creator Zobros
Difficulty Insane Demon Insane Demon
Stars 10Star
Level ID 12063209
Song Bass Knight
Composer BoomKitty

Luminum is a 2.0 Insane Demon created by Zobros. It is his first demon level in 2.0. It features tight spaces, very confusing parts, fake paths and crucial timings everywhere. Like Nine Circles, this level gets progressively more difficult as it goes on. It also utilizes a yellow color scheme and a very unique design.


  • Smokes crashed at 92% and 97%.
  • SrGuillester crashed at 98% (last jump).
  • Aviila RX2X crashed at 82% and 92%.
  • Ninetales crashed at 88%, 89%, 91%, and 97%.
  • GuitarHeroStyles crashed at 93%.


  • This is Zobros's only featured 2.0 level.
  • It and Love Baba are only his 2.0 levels to have a Demon difficulty.
    • Coincidentally, both are rated as Insane Demons.


Geometry Dash - Luminum (Demon) - by Zobros (Me)

Geometry Dash - Luminum (Demon) - by Zobros (Me)

Credits to Zobros