Lunar Eclipse
Lunar Eclipse
Level Information
Creator KaptainCPU
Difficulty Insane Insane
Stars 0 Star
Level ID 31776933
Song Supernova
Composer Xtrullor

Lunar Eclipse is a demon level created by KaptainCPU. It has many difficult parts, including tight sections of many gamemodes, difficult timings, bugs, hard dual segments, and some memorization. According to the forum, it is an Extreme Demon, but could also be considered, in rare instances, an Insane Demon.


Many parts look like Crimson Chamber. The design stays the same for most of the level, but later has stars and a giant star art at the end of the level.


The first cube is short and relatively simple, requiring just a few taps. Then there is a short but very tight ship sequence. The next cube is a bit longer and trickier, containing a few timings and tricks. Then there is a very tight ship section that has a jump orb and goes mini later on. Then there are 2 paths. The player has to take the top path to survive. Then there is a timing-based ball section with many tricks, the timings are pretty difficult. Then there is a tight skill based UFO section. Then there is a rather tight wave, followed by a two-spike jump at half speed. Then the drop of the level starts, with a fairly difficult timing based dual cube. The cube has many tricks and very difficult timings. Then one of the cubes turns into a cube-ship part, and that short part is very difficult. Then it turns into a dual Ball/Wave, which is short but very tight. Then there is a relatively easy (compared to the other ship parts) ship part which contains one tight section at the end. Then there is a relatively easy mini wave segment with a teleportation portal, followed by a moderately tricky cube section. Then there are tight skill based UFO and wave sections. This follows with a short tricky cube part. Then there is a tight ship sequence. Then, the level ends.


  • This level has not been beaten legit on YouTube.
  • The level is listed as "Possibly Hacked".
  • The first ship part shows blocks forming the words CPU, relating to the creator's name.
  • It is possibly a v2 of Crimson Chamber.
  • To date, no one has ever beaten the level legit, while Overowned is the closest with a record of 80%.
    • However, a secret way was added accidentally, resulting in many people beating it (now removed).
  • RobTop posted a comment on this level.
  • The first two-thirds of the level were created in 1.9.
  • The level was downgraded due to a secret way.


Lunar Eclipse by KaptainCPU (Automatized)

Lunar Eclipse by KaptainCPU (Automatized)