Lunar Intoxication
Lunar Intoxication
Level Information
Creator Cyclic
Difficulty Insane Insane
Stars 0Star
Level ID 17643255
Song Soulwind
Composer Aztech and Lockyn

Lunar Intoxication was a moderately difficult demon by Cyclic. It was normally considered a medium demon. The level can be quite frustrating due to a number of bugs that make the level feel extremely cheap on the player. The level was made into a free stars level when Cyclic seemingly admitted hacking The Hell Zone and Sonic Wave. Promptly afterwards, the level was deleted along with all of Cyclic's other levels. Now this level is uploaded again.

Description Edit

Lunar Intoxication was described as being "easy" despite it not being close to an easy demon, mostly due to the first ship and wave parts. It has the same bright and neon style that a lot of Cyclic's later levels have.

Gameplay Edit

The level starts off as a very easy mini ball. This area has very little tricks and can probably be done in just a few attempts. The next mini cube is a lot harder, due to tricks that involve hitting jump rings really early, as early as before you enter a gravity portal, which will otherwise cause you to crash. This part also has a few bugs that can only be corrected if the player times their jumps correctly. The next flying part is probably the single hardest part of the level by itself. It is a straight fly segment at half speed that starts off as normal size and then goes mini. The flying also contains jump rings and gravity portals that must be correctly timed to avoid crashing. The main challenge of the big ship is to not hit the spikes by accident because of your size. The challenge of the mini ship is to not hold too long when hitting a jump ring while rapidly tapping or clicking to avoid crashing into a spike. This area tests your endurance with straight fly and your overall flying capability. The next mini cube is also a lot like the first one. It contains some bugs and can be very annoying, but is actually very easy to do once the player learns how to do the part, as it is mostly memorization of inputs. The next wave is also quite difficult for players who are new to the wave. However, for wave veterans, the main challenge are the speed changes and tight spaces near the end, accompanied by a very frustrating bug that can cause the player to crash at 67%. The first half of this wave is fairly simple, but the second half is far worse due to a triple speed change that goes into single speed and then right into the tight spaces of the wave, which can quickly throw the player off. The 67% bug mentioned can only be avoided if the player goes almost directly in the center of the narrow path. Going too high causes the player to just crash, while going too low causes the player to transition right inside the spikes, which instantly cause a crash. The next cube is the easiest segment of the level, involving only two jumps with the rest being auto. The last wave is far less buggy than the first one, but it is by no means easier. The new challenge is again to not crash due to speed changes and properly timing your mashing to avoid losing your control over your wave direction and end up crashing. The level ends with CYCLIC on the bottom, "GG" on the top, and as a triple speed wave. Do note that it is possible to crash at the end.

Errors Edit

  • Previously, there was a way to skip the cube that came straight after the ball. Cyclic fixed the bug after he got word of it.
  • There's a bug at 67% that can cause the player to crash, even if they complete the wave and head through the cube transition portal.

Trivia Edit

  • Lunar Intoxication was Cyclic's last 1.9 level and his last original level before quitting Geometry Dash.
  • Lunar Intoxication was reuploaded by Cyrillic.
  • It is now reverified by Cyclic.
  • The ship mode shown in the picture above closely resembles Sonic Wave's third cube mode.

Walkthrough Edit

Geometry Dash - Lunar Intoxication by Enlil (Demon) Complete

Geometry Dash - Lunar Intoxication by Enlil (Demon) Complete

Credit to Krazyman50.