Lunar Traveling
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Level Information
Creator Zyrox, Optical (publisher), Kowz, MisterM, JakeDog, Dragoj17 and FMF Gaming
Difficulty Normal Normal
Stars 3 Star
Level ID 13454709
Song Moonstone
Composer DJVI

Lunar Traveling is a 2.0 Normal 3* mega-collaboration created by Zyrox, Optical, the publisher; Kowz, MisterM, JakeDog, Dragoj17, and FMF Gaming.

Overview Edit

This type of collaboration is new in the game, firstly because it is not rated demon, secondly for its unique game-play.

The level is made up of simple parts, that become more and more intense, going ever forward (mostly during the drop). The level presents a huge amount of sequences with invisible portals.

Despite this, the level is made nearly auto throughout the time. The player must just tap some rings here and there, when they appear. Each part has a different style, depending from the creator.

The level features three silver coins and are very easy to attain.

Walkthrough Edit

Lunar Traveling (GD)

Lunar Traveling (GD)

Credit to ThePanzer Productions HD.