Magmatic (also by the name of Magma) is a Russian Geometry Dash player and (a little bit of) a creator. His GD username is GB Magma. He recently reached 2000 stars.


  • He is in the Geometry Blitz clan made by one of his friends (UltraBlitz).
  • He has an account on this wiki called GB Magma.
  • His best friends are Cynx 13 (has 14k+ stars), Deadlockez (almost the same), and JoNdduuu (who currently has 4k).
  • He currently has got no real levels, and his levels are all challenges or random things. Although, he is working on a level called "Infection", which will be a monochrome level.
  • He got hacked once. Hackers did not touch anything except deleting saved levels, but the thing is that Magma was working on a level "Delete" ("Infection" is same styled, and started only because this one got "deleted"), which he almost finished, with only last cube and ship part missing.
  • He has a Youtube channel, but he barely uploads any videos.
  • He quit 2 times, first when he was on his old account and hacked everything (he apologized and changed account), then when Skittle, a Geometry Dash player, argued with Magma about his (Skittle's) possible hacking of Deadly Bloodbath.
  • He has studied music for almost 6 years now, and is trying to learn how to make music with FL Studio.

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