Mantis Massacre
Level Information
Creator Geometry Dash Forum
Difficulty Insane Demon Insane Demon
Stars 10Star
Level ID 24964470
Song Mantis Shrimp Showdown
Composer BoomKitty

Mantis Massacre is a 2.1 Insane Demon created by the Geometry Dash Forum and verified by NoctaFly. the third official mega-collaboration created by the Geometry Dash Forum, after Cosmic Calamity. It is the second to make it to fruition following the cancellation of Lucent Luminary.



First there is a relatively simple cube part with a notable fake. Then there is a moderately tight dual ship sequence with a few speed portals.


An easy cube part followed by a ship with a lot of straight flying.


A core themed part with a timing-based cube. This is followed by a very tight wave and a timing-based robot.


A rather tight ship with some spaces near one-space level.


A confusing ship with lots of obstacles and orbs, as well as some straight fly.


A fast paced robot part with a bit of memory.


A rather tricky ship and UFO with many portals and orbs followed by a cube part with some timings and tricks. Then a wave with a bit of mashing as well as a short ship part.


Core themed part that starts with a tricky UFO and wave. Then there is an easier cube part.


A part that starts with a relatively memory-based cube part, and then a moderately tight wave. This also has tight ship and wave parts afterwards.

Muzik Bike: A rejected section that would have contained the second coin. It involves a cube section which then progresses onto a wave.

Realdurianhead: A core-based mini cube part, which transitions into an auto ship and then a UFO and a short ball section.


A mini UFO part with a lot of orbs.


A part that starts with a mixed dual of cube and ball, and then a rather tight ship part.


A part that starts with a tight wave followed by an auto cube. Then there is a difficult ship followed by another auto cube part.


A rather difficult UFO part with lots of tricky to distinguish orbs.


A slow cube part with some timings.


First a fast paced cube part, and then a short dual mini wave. Then a tricky dual cube part with a UFO part in the middle with a few tricks. After that, there is a long hard cube part.


It starts with a robot part with a few tricks, then a mini ship with straight fly. After that, there is a ball with a few timings as well as a cube and robot after with tricks involved.


First there is a ship part with some tight spaces. In the middle of that, there is a short UFO part with a purple orb.


A rather tight wave part with a few gravity portals followed by a moderately tight mini ship.


A robot part with a few tricks to deal with, followed by a tricky cube that becomes dual later. After that, there is a tight ship part.


A very confusing part with a slew of changing gamemodes and fast-paced memorization-based gameplay.


A slow cube that transitions to an easy robot. Then there is a moderately easy ship part followed by a mashing wave. After that, there is a timing cube and a tricky UFO part. This is followed by a mixed dual of cube and ball and finally a ship part that ends with straight fly. Then the credits come in.


  • This collab was originally hosted by Asriel96, but stepped down. Afterwards, Pie90000 took over the hosting of the collab.
  • NoctaFly originally beat the level, but missed the second coin.
  • SuporeMaster was originally in this collab, but was replaced by Ruffy after being too slow.
  • Asriel96 was originally going to build, but after he quit, he was replaced by Galaxy and QJrocks.
  • A TentativeTeam mega-collaboration, Spatial Flow, is designed based on a few of the tentatives of this level (the ones who joined) and will be hosted on the TentativeTeam account and hopefully verified by Milesman34.
  • Mantis Massacre is actually the third main forum megacollab; the second fell into dis-construction.


Player Highest percentage Obtained on... in how many attempts... Notable fails
NoctaFly (Verifier) 100% 18 September 2016 1687
TrueChaos 27% 23 October 2016
Muzik Bike 6% 5 September 2016 5%


DEMON 10★? Mantis Massacre - Pie90000 & 21 Others 60HZ03:10

DEMON 10★? Mantis Massacre - Pie90000 & 21 Others 60HZ

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