Country Venezuela
Age 18
Levels 15 (3 Starred)
Other Info
Crew None
Position Unknown
YouTube Channel [1]

MasterL500 is a fairly popular 18-year-old Venezuelan Geometry Dash creator and Youtuber. He is mostly known for creating levels and beating mostly Medium-Easy demon levels.

He's notably known for his levels called MasterLocked & Master Dominator which are technically V2s of the Update 2.0 levels, and also the reason he gained a little more recognition as a creator in the Game. He's also known for being the creator of a 2.0 texture pack called "Master pack" which can be found in this link here.

He mostly makes his levels to keep a balance between design & gameplay.

Rated Levels

  • Masterlocked - His most famous level, a Deadlocked remake, was rated a few days after the release, It's his first featured level and his first demon.
  • Master Dominator - a Geometrical Dominator remake, was rated insane 8 stars.
  • ML ElectroRemix - an Electrodynamix remake, a collaboration with MLBPlayer12, it's his first collab level and the second level to be rated demon.

Other Levels

  • MasterFunk
  • The Mistress
  • ML Infiltration - His first 1.9 Level.
  • The Mistress 2 - A unrated demon, a ToE2 remake.
  • Master Mix I - A level mix of his first 8 levels
  • ML Uprise - His first 2.0 level.
  • Neon Knight - Second collab he made, with a unknown creator called N4TH4N.


  • His real name is Luis A.
  • Most of his levels include at least one Easter Egg about something from the game or names of friends he know.
  • He's slightly known for having the most viewed video of the Demon called Manray by Sweetdude & Electrodynamix V2 by Madman123.
  • Most of his video's thumbnails feature a Custom-Made difficulty face made by him, you can also find four types of Demon faces which based on their expression or number of teeth, define how hard the Demon in the video Is.

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