Level Information
Creator MasterL500
Difficulty Demon Demon
Stars 10 Star
Level ID 13297109
Song Deadlocked
Composer F-777

Masterlocked is a remake of Deadlocked made by MasterL500. It's generally considered a Medium or Hard Demon among the community.


This is the first featured level & first Demon rated level by MasterL500, and one of his remakes of the Official Levels In-game. The level is mostly known for its gameplay, the difficulty & originality on certain parts.


The level starts with a small cube mode part on the beginning, after a brief mini-wave part (Similar to the original level) and continues as a cube. This section of the level requires some precise timing for the jumps or orb tapping, as tapping at the wrong time will result in crashing onto a thorn or a monster.

The next section is a very fast wave, indistinguishable to Deadlocked, after that, it merges into the ship section, where there are moving "cubes", but instead of moving up and down, some of them move sideways as the background flashes, one section of this part requires precise flying.

Then it comes into a ball section with red and green colored platforms, where the player must go all the way without touching the aforementioned red platforms. If the player touches one of those red platforms, he won't be eaten by a Monster, instead a Gate closes in the end of that Section, making the player roll into its demise, which means the player must follow the right path correctly.

Following that, there's a UFO part where the player goes through the gap of neon pillars, some gaps include a gravity-changing portal to confuse the player. After a size portal changes the player's size, the pillars move vertically and horizontally, and the player has to time it's jumps so it doesn't crash.

Later comes two cube parts which are differences in speed. This part can be done with a good amount of memorizing and precise timings. After the two said cube parts, comes a robot section which follows the same speed pattern.

Next, there is a hard mini ball part with a different design than the original level, and it requires precise timing to change gravity and tap the orbs.

Then comes a slow cube part where the player can choose a way to go, the coin way (If they collected the key) and the Normal way. They enter a mini portal later on, and the player must tap and hold on the right orbs, otherwise they will be sent into the spikes. Then comes into a fast robot section where the player must know the right jump height to land safely between the spiked platforms and tap the gravity changing orbs.

Later on, it comes the 'boss battle' ship part with a multitude of teleport portals, some of them include invisible size and/or gravity portals, where they can trick the player easily. Following that comes into the "boss," where the first attack is one big monster firing a laser and two small ones launching saws, second attack is two big monsters and a small one, and the last attack is three monsters firing lasers asynchronously.

Straightaway, following the boss fight, is a particularly fast dual wave part, followed by a slow mini wave part. Both of these parts require tapping lots of times at a fast rate. After that it comes a quite tricky ship part where the player must fly precisely and memorize the path as many block obstacles with spikes move away or into the screen.

Later, as the level is beginning to come to a close, it comes a ball part with sinking pillars with spikes. After that there is a UFO part where precise timing is required and a Mini UFO with once again "Cube" hazards but smaller.

Finally the last gamemode is a cube, where you have to tap at the right time, and the level finishes with one last jump to avoid a row of two invisible spikes as the letters "ML5" appear.

User CoinsEdit

This level has 3 user coins however, the first one requires a key to unlock:

  • The first coin requires a key to be unlocked, but the said key is hard to collect. It's located next to the first moving pillar in the 1st UFO gamemode, where the player must go on a small gap to collect it.
  • The second coin is located above a few saws at the end of the third wave of the boss battle
  • The last coin is located at the last Mini UFO part, where the player must time its jumps to collect it, otherwise it may crash into the 2nd "Cube" hazard.


  • This is the first and currently the most popular level remake of MasterL500, and so far one of his hardest levels.
    • This is also his first level where he Reaches the object limit (30k)
    • This is one of his two demon levels, along with ML ElectroRemix.
  • This level is technically a V2, but MasterL500 doesn't think so.
    • People often compare this level with Deadlocked V2 made by Dasher, concluding this one is better (ML5 Says he doesn't like that).
    • However, the level is being tied with by Noriega.
  • The text before entering the 'boss battle' ship part, it says: "Fire Burns brighter in the Dark" and next to the ship portal, it says "Watch out for Surprises!"
  • On the first ship part, you can notice some of the "Cube" hazards have different expressions.

Walkthrough Edit

Geometry Dash Demon Medium - MasterLocked - by MasterL500 (All Coins)

Geometry Dash Demon Medium - MasterLocked - by MasterL500 (All Coins)

Credits to Smokes.