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Level Information
Creator EndLevel, Aqueous
Difficulty Insane Insane
Stars 0Star
Level ID 22967834
Song Bass Knight
Composer BoomKitty

MechanicalWave is a new level in the "Wave series" (I.G. LightWave), created by pro player EndLevel and unknown creator Aqueous. The level is 48 seconds long, uses 11424 objects and is a "hard demon" that was verified by EndLevel.


MechanicalWave starts as a regular 1x speed cube. It is then quickly turned into a 3x speed mixed wave/ball dual when the song says "BASS KNIGHT", then ship/ball dual. After the duals the level transitions into a single ship which goes into a hard wave section, then cube for a small moment where it then transtitions into a robot, the robot section is very fast and ends with a slow cube building up to the second drop. There is a small break before the second part of the drop starts, which starts as a mini ship and later turns into a mini cube for a partially invisible mini cube maze. After the cube maze there is a robot section with totally not Echonox designs, and then the iconic 2-seconds-of-hell-wave part, before becoming a mini ship to finally end off the level


  • It took Endlevel 900 attempts to verify MechanicalWave, which is suprising due to the difficulty.
  • It was originally being verified on stream, but due to the time (around 11:30pm), constant stream crashes, lag and just plain rage, it was verified off stream.
  • The password to MechanicalWave is 789123, just like a few other of EndLevel's levels
  • At the last mini ship, there is text saying "Dai camel! Dedicated to circle". both of these "phrases" were 100% genuine dank memes created in the GeoForge discord chat.
  • The last wave in the level used to be a "Swing Copters" section, but was quickly changed due to the difficulty of the part


MechanicalWave by EndLevel and Aqueous

MechanicalWave by EndLevel and Aqueous

Credits to Benjamaster7.