Country New York, United States
Age 15
Levels 66 (5 Starred)
Other Info
Crew GD Forums, IG, GD Fan Wikia
Position Owner (GD Forums)

3981 (Global)

YouTube Channel [1]

Megaman (Megaman9 in-game) is a popular North American player in Geometry Dash who is an owner of Geometry Dash Forums and also a YouTuber who posts random videos related to Geometry Dash. He is also the head level judge.


  • He created two videos about Geometry Dash songs he did not really like. It was well received for his unique opinions on various songs.
  • He participated in several mega-collaborations such as Infrared and Ultraviolet.
  • He has given out numerous layouts to several people, like GeometryManGD and MetalBlooper, who decorated them.
  • He resides in New York.
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