Merlo Creator
Country Italy
Age 15
Levels Unknown
Other Info
Crew GeoStorm
Position 25790 (Global)
YouTube Channel [1]
MerloTM Gaming (also known as Merlo Creator) is a moderately popular Italian creator in Geometry Dash.


Rated Levels:

Demon Levels:

  • HyPerTehnO (A collab with 9 players)
  • Primordial Chamber (A collab with Xcy7)

Normal Levels:

  • Forgotten Memories
  • Reverie Ruins
  • Siderial Ruins (A collab with DreamEater and Superopi)
  • Lost Realm (A collab with Spectex)
  • A Dream (A collab between Juliavanse Team)

Unrated Levels:

  • The Last Journey
  • ElectroSteps
  • Dreams
  • Glory Path
  • FlameStep
  • Super BattleTrain
  • Ancient Memories (A collab with Stardust1971)


  • Merlo is an Italian translation for "Blackbird".
  • He is one of the notable Italian players of Geometry Dash, the other players are DreamEater, Loogiah, MrLorenzo, UserMatt18, Pennutoh, DryBones, Zanna83, and many more.

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