Country Germany
Levels 28 (1 starred)
Other Info
Crew N/A
Position 11959 (Global)
YouTube Channel [1]

Metalface221 is a very skilled German player and level creator in Geometry Dash. He is most known for his wave skills. He is the first ever player to beat the old version of Sonic Wave by Cyclic[1] and Deadly Corridor by KaotikJumper.[2]


When he first started to play the game, He started out simply creating levels like Force of Nothing, Space, I Dream In Pixels, Hypernova, and White World.

On April 16th, 2016, he finished his first Insane/Extreme Demon level, Down Bass by Spectra.[3]

On May 19th, 2016, he began making progress on Conical Depression by Krazyman50, with a record of 38%.[4]

On August 21st, 2016, he finished the old version of Cataclysm by Ggb0y (a copy from Quasar).[5] He began making progress on Deadly Corridor by KaotikJumper, with records of 38 and 28-72%,[6] as well as 53%.[7] Also, he continued to create new levels, like Succ and Dark Fairydust,[8] a dark remake of Fairydust.

In September 2016, he achieved 74% on Deadly Corridor[9] and began making progress on the old version of Sonic Wave, with a record of 64-100%.[10] Also, he made more new levels, namely Experience (a collaboration with Gerbopawa), 8o Rebirth,[11] a remake of 8o by Etzer and Zobros with the self-evident "Rebirth" on it, and a preview of another level of his. He updated 8o Rebirth subsequently.[12]

In October 2016, he finished Cataclysm (new),[13] Crimson Clutter by RedUniverse,[14] and Deadly Corridor at last.[2] He continued to make progress on old Sonic Wave with records of 28-74%[15] and 54%[16] and began to make progress on Sakupen Hell with a quick record of 87%.[17] He likewise made levels, namely Metalstep, Reality Reset (a collaboration with LegendaryQuest), and a preview of another level of his.

On November 2nd, 2016, he finally beat Sakupen Hell.[18] He went from 33-98% on Deambath,[19] a buffed remake of Bloodbath by Sunix (outdated, due to his new username), 52-100% on Athanatos by Exenity and others (verified/hacked by Aurorus),[20] 77% on the unnerfed version of Paracosm Circles,[21] and 66%,[22] 78%,[23] and 94% on old Sonic Wave.[24] In addition, he created a level called Metalmashup.[25]

In December 2016, he verified the old version of Sonic Wave,[1] being the first player to do as such. After this, he started making progress on the new version of Sonic Wave with a record of 80%.[26]

In January 2017, he uploaded the last review of another level of his. He additionally made two different levels named Dark Problematic,[27] a dark and buffed remake of Problematic, and Paracosm Crypt,[28] a rebirth of the unnerfed version of Paracosm Circles.

He uploaded a level called The Secret Box.[29]

In April 2018, he created a joke video confessing that he hacked, saying he wanted to be like his idol, Boy Of The Cones, told people to subscribe to MetaManZ, and apologizing to Robert Topala Games, with many misspellings and grammatical errors in the video.


Harder Levels

  • Experience (unrated) - A collaboration with Gerbopawa.
  • Force of Nothing (unrated)
  • Force of Nothingness (unrated) - A remake of his old level, Force of Nothing.
  • Space (unrated)

Insane Levels

  • 8o Rebirth (unrated) - A rebirth of 8o.
  • Ballad of the Cone (unrated) - A joke level that pokes fun at Buff This.
  • Basic after basic (unrated)
  • Conebath (unrated) - A fixed version of Catabath of Boy Of The Cones.
  • Dark Fairydust (unrated) - A redecorated and buffed remake of Fairydust.
  • Dark Problematic (unrated) - A redecorated and buffed remake of Problematic.
  • Death Corridor (unrated) - An extremely difficult level that was once impossible, known for its extreme wave segments. It was originally created by KaotikJumper.
  • Deadly Corridor (unrated) - The sequel to Death Corridor.
  • factory party (unrated)
  • GoodGame (unrated) - A 1.9 collaboration with Polarbeahr.
  • I Dream in Pixels (unrated)
  • MetalMashup (unrated) - A mashup of Metalface221's levels excluding auto levels and challenge levels.
  • Metalstep (unrated) - A buffed version of Clubstep.
  • Old Sonic Wave (unrated) - The original version of Sonic Wave before Cyclic updated it. It was verified legitimately by Metalface221 in ~39,000 attempts.
  • paper wavs (unrated)
  • red wave world (unrated)
  • Rivals (unrated) - His first ever level.
  • Sonic Wave (unrated) - A fixed version of Sonic Wave.
  • The Last Straw (unrated) - An old ''Impossible'' collaboration created by Cyrillic and more. It was verified legitimately by Metalface221.
  • Undergound (unrated) - An extremely difficult remake of Nine Circles.
  • Unnerfed Paracosm (unrated) - A redecorated version of unnerfed Paracosm Circles.
  • White World (unrated)
  • Generic (unrated)

Demon Levels

Insane Demons

  • The Secret Box (featured) - A difficult brown/black-like wave level. Although it is reminiscent of Nine Circles, it is not directly related to it because the seizure wave is not present, nor is the normal gameplay that would come before and after a Nine Circles level. The level was buffed to Extreme Demon, but was eventually nerfed back to its original state.

Upcoming Levels

  • Arctic Lights - A hacked 2.1 Nine Circles created by Viruz and EndLevel. He has currently decided to take the job of beating it legitimately and fixed the first triple spike.[30]


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