Country Italy
Age 18
Levels 0
Other Info
Crew IG
Position None
YouTube Channel [1]

mgostIH is a Geometry Dash hacker who has created many hacked levels and game hacks.


  • Object Limit Bypass
  • High Jump (complete any level)
  • X-Axis teleportation
  • Level Copier
  • Speedhack
  • Become Moderator (File blocked by MediaFire)
  • Level Edit v2 (stars, coins) (File blocked by MediaFire)
  • Steam Icon Changer (File blocked by MediaFire)
  • Random Number Generator
  • Account Unliker
  • Noclip (Ignore damage in normal mode)
  • Generic bypass
  • 2.1 NoClip with anti-kick
  • Key Bypass (Don't need keys for the basement)
  • Bypassing 144Hz


  • On August 15, 2015, the Geometry Dash servers were severely hacked, leading to a massive amount of accounts being renamed. This was mostly shown in the tabs Top 100 and Creators, showing off accounts with the name "Exploit" and the default cube in both lime green colors with the rainbow effect on. The person behind the hacking was actually mgostIH, who said it was an accident. This happened again in March 2017, this time it was done by TheHaxor27, and it was on purpose.
  • He has hacked many accounts, such as Viprin.
  • His name is Modesti Dennis, as shown from his Twitter.
  • He has a Twitter account (@mgostIH).
  • He had an account in gibberish (as of now taken by Zimnior12), of which only a few people cared to take a look at. Otherwise,his other account (mgostIH) was disabled.
  • His intentions behind the hacking chain happened to say that Robert Topala should enhance security systems, including the security of the servers.
  • He has taught some other hackers things,such as Absolute Gamer.
  • Around the middle of autumn, mgostIH said that he was getting bored of this game whatnot. He keeps producing hacks from time to time at this point in recent days (as of 9th Dec 2016).
  • He seems to like Team Fortress 2.
  • He was once banned in the Geometry Dash Forum due to the staffs antagonizing his hacks.
  • Despite being a known hacker with a rather negative impression, he is ironically a moderator in the Geometry Dash Forum after getting unbanned.
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