Screenshot 2016-05-29-19-44-08
Level Information
Creator TriAxis-DiMaViKuLoV26
Difficulty Hard Hard
Stars 4 Star
Level ID 9114426
Song Uninstall
Composer Danyool777

MilanHoly is a 1.9 sunset level by Dimavikulov26 and TriAxis, it isn't very hard, and it is rated as Hard 4 Stars.


The level starts with a cube sequence full of 3D figures combined with decorations from sunset levels.

Next, there is a ship sequence, which has several motifs of clocks, but they are not animated, unlike Dreamer.

Afterwards, there is a ball sequence, which is underwater themed.

Then, an easy ship sequence comes in, with motifs of eyes and jewels popping up around.

Next, there is a wave sequence, full of geometrical figures, outlines of shapes, and monsters.

Afterwards, there is a short UFO sequence that depicts a small city inside a zipper.

Lastly, the level ends with a writing of Dimavikulov26 and TriAxis' name (shortened to Dima & Tri), and a Yin Yang symbol in the end.

Before Reupload (after ship sequence)

A mini UFO sequence comes in, depicting a house with the letters G, M, D, and I hanged in the ceilings.

The level ends with an animation of the texts TRIAXIS and DIMAVIKULOV falling into pieces, and an end text which is assumed to say "LOVI VIKULAXIS".


  • Even though the level length is displayed as Long, its actual length is Medium.
  • The title has no actual meaning. even Dimavikulov26 doesn't know why this level is called "MilanHoly"
  • The level was actually uploaded in June, but was suddenly removed and then reuploaded, with multiple spaces after the name, and the last sequences being different.
  • The GMD in the old update's mini UFO sequence could possibly mean the name of the game, while the I has no meaning.

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