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Level Information
Creator TriAxis and DiMaViKuLoV26
Difficulty Hard Hard
Stars 4 Star
Level ID 9114426
Song Uninstall
Composer Danyool777

MilanHoly is a 1.9 Hard 4* level created by Dimavikulov26 and TriAxis. It is essentially a sunset level.

Gameplay Edit

The level starts with a cube sequence full of 3D figures combined with decorations from sunset levels.

Next, there is a ship sequence, which has several motifs of clocks, but they are not animated, unlike Dreamer.

Afterwards, there is a ball sequence, which is underwater themed.

Then, an easy ship sequence comes in, with motifs of eyes and jewels popping up around.

Next, there is a wave sequence, full of geometrical figures, outlines of shapes, and monsters.

Afterwards, there is a short UFO sequence that depicts a small city inside a zipper.

Lastly, the level ends with a writing of Dimavikulov26 and TriAxis' name (shortened to Dima & Tri), and a Yin Yang symbol in the end.

Before Reupload (after ship sequence) Edit

A mini UFO sequence comes in, depicting a house with the letters G, M, D, and I hanged in the ceilings.

The level ends with an animation of the texts TRIAXIS and DIMAVIKULOV falling into pieces, and an end text which is assumed to say "LOVI VIKULAXIS".

Trivia Edit

  • Even though the level length is displayed as Long, its actual length is Medium.
  • The title has no actual meaning. even Dimavikulov26 doesn't know why this level is called "MilanHoly"
  • The level was actually uploaded in June, but was suddenly removed and then reuploaded, with multiple spaces after the name, and the last sequences being different.
  • The GMD in the old update's mini UFO sequence could possibly mean the name of the game, while the I has no meaning.