Country USA
Age 14
Levels 11 (1 Starred)
Other Info
Crew GeoForge, GeoProz
Position Admin (GF), Member (GP)
YouTube Channel [[1]]

Milesman34 is a relatively unknown player/creator with 1 creator point. He has started to gain popularity recently, however. He has beaten Figures, Deadlocked, Nano Rush, and Nine Circles as his hardest demons. He is also attempting Alphabet X, and has 50%. He is a member of many groups. He has 5000+ stars and 85+ demons. He currently has 255 subscribers on his Youtube channel.

Levels (1.9 to 2.0)

Hypernova (Orange-Red Nine Circles, updated several times)

Azure (2nd place on Safyire's CC1, sapphire-themed)

Crystal Cavern (First 2.0 level, crystal themed)

Future Circles (Blue new-styled Ultra Circles, Insane 8*, not featured)

Chromatic (His first attempt at making an effect level)

True Poltergeist (Nine Circles XII w/ a bossfight)

Pearlscape (Themed level based on pearls)

Timeline (Update mix)

Conclusion (Glowy level, themed like The Four Elements)

Okiba Crackdown 4 (Remix of Darnoc's Okiba Crackdown 3, 2nd place in EndLevel's CC1)

RPM Rush (Fast-paced fun level, end is hard)

The Edge (Meltdown styled, hard 5* probably)

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