Country Vietnam
Age 13
Levels 134 (none starred)
Other Info
Crew Team OneNation
Position Helper
YouTube Channel [1]
Minh6969 ('User:Bfdi is_the_best' on the Wiki, 'minh#3885' on Discord) is a Vietnamese player and a creator.


  • Minh6969 is a brony.
    • Despite being a brony, he hates the fandom.
    • He likes furry yiff stuff too.
  • The most famous player to comment on his level is Havok.
    • Still no featured levels though smh.
  • He once said that his level "Insomnia Circles" is the worst level he made, despite it having over 100 likes.
  • Some people said that he is a hacker by having icons which he hasn't unlocked yet.
    • However, this is not true. If one reads some of his fewer posts, he said that he uninstalled Geometry Dash and downloaded an apk version of it and unlocked all the icons.
    • He still hacks though.
    • Minh used to be a staff member in GD Fan Wiki, but he quit the wiki and being a member of the staff.