Momentum by Surv
Level Information
Creator Surv
Difficulty Hard Demon Hard Demon
Stars 10Star
Level ID 18059872
Song Duocore - Furious
Composer Duocore

Momentum is a Hard Demon created by Surv. It has numerous difficult timings, tight ship and UFO sections, and numerous other difficult sections. It is generally considered an Easy Demon or a Medium Demon despite its notorious straight fly segments, but is rated Hard Demon.

Description Edit

This level is essentially a v2 of Motion. It looks very similar design-wise and decoration-wise. It also has a similar gameplay.

Gameplay Edit

The level starts with a short timing-based cube segment. Next, there is a tight ship segment with one space flying. Then there is an auto cube segment with a flashing background. Afterwards, there is a ball segment with orb tapping and timings, as well as very fast clicking. Then there is a triple speed cube segment with fast clicking and orb tapping. Afterwards, there is a difficult ship part with gravity portals and it progressively gets tighter. Then there is an auto cube segment, with a Motion inspired UFO section with many moving objects. Then there is a robot segment, where the player must tap one cube, followed by a mini wave segment with two tricky gravity portals. Next, there is a robot segment with numerous timing-based jumps and gravity portals. The robot part continues with some orb tapping. Then there is a cube segment that involves orb tapping, followed by a short semi-auto part, that has 1 blue orb that needs to be tapped. Then there is a dual cube section that is inspired by Motion. This segment repeats for a while before a few orbs the player needs to tap while there are flashing lights. Afterwards, there is a similar dual robot segment. Then, the level ends with one last auto cube segment.

Trivia Edit

  • Despite its difficulty, it was updated by Surv for bugfixes.

Walkthrough Edit

Geometry Dash - Momentum -DEMON- - by - Surv

Geometry Dash - Momentum -DEMON- - by - Surv