Not to be confused with the upcoming 2.1 level, Moonlight?

Moonlight Sonata
Level Information
Creator CubicYT
Difficulty Harder Harder
Stars 6Star
Level ID 14421006
Song Eurorave Delirium
Composer OcularNebula

Moonlight Sonata is a Harder 6* level by CubicYT, and it is his most popular level so far.


The level starts with a small intro-like section, leading into a ship part with the first coin, hidden in a block. Afterwards you go into another intro-like section, which goes into a UFO part. After the UFO, the drop comes with an insane Wave part with the second coin in a small space under a saw-blade. After the wave part is mini-ball part. After a slow-big-ball transition, you enter a robot section with high-speeds. Afterwards you go into the final drop section which is a dual-cube part with the third coin by not using the orb. Finally you go into a mini cube section with the credits and other things, then you have beaten the level.


  • Serponge commented, "noice :D and kreygasmic gameplay."
  • This level won 5th place in TheOutlowLP's contest.
  • This level was entered into way too many contests.
  • ToshDeluxe played this level on stream. It was also the first level to be added to the "Deserved to be played and recorded" list.
  • ToshDeluxe did a level request video for it now too.


Moonlight Sonata! - by CubicYT ( me ) ( Feature Rubby? )

Moonlight Sonata! - by CubicYT ( me ) ( Feature Rubby? )

Credits to the creator himself