Mystery Dungeon
20160523 001419
Level Information
Creator Vermillion
Difficulty Normal Normal
Stars 3 Star
Level ID 8477262
Song The 7th day
Composer TMM43

Mystery Dungeon is a very popular and memorable 1.9 level created by Vermillion, featured in the Cookie Pack since Update 2.0. The level takes heavy inspiration from the Pokemon game Mystery Dungeon. The entirety of the level is cavern-themed, featuring a long tight corridor delimited by 1.5 thorns. The difficulty is constantly quite easy thoroughout the level because of very similar sequences and a lack of speed changes.

Gameplay Edit

The level is divided into eight sections, all of them with a unique color theme and two sequences, for a total of sixteen sequences.

  1. Blue section: water-themed, features a ship sequence and a cube segment.
  2. Green section: grass-themed, features a wave segment and a cube section with jump rings.
  3. Purple section: psychic-themed, consists of a ship sequence and a mini ufo segment.
  4. Yellow section: electric-themed, features a ball segment and a wave section.
  5. Orange section: rock-themed, consists of a ball section and a cube section.
  6. Red section: fire-themed, features a ship sequence and a mini ufo.
  7. Gray section: metal-themed, features a ball section and a wave segment.
  8. Gray blackout section: features a cube segment and a ship sequence.

The level ends after 1:54 minutes, closely to the extra-long limit.

Trivia Edit

  • This level was first rated 6 stars, then changed to 3 stars.
  • this level is Pokémon themed, as the symbols in each section match a Pokémon card type. Pokémon Mystery Dungeon is also a Pokémon game.

Walkthrough Edit

Geometry Dash Map Pack Series - Cookie Pack - Mystery Dungeon (by Vermillion)

Geometry Dash Map Pack Series - Cookie Pack - Mystery Dungeon (by Vermillion)

Credits to Muzik Bike. This video shows the full walkthrough of Mystery Dungeon.

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