Level Information
Creator TriAxis
Difficulty Normal Normal
Stars 3Star
Level ID 11214476
Song Paradise on E (Remix)
Composer API

NRG is one of the first levels with user coins and is made by TriAxis. It is one of the most easiest ways to get user coins even though it has moving objects.     


The level is quite easy overall, it doesn't have any tight spaces, traps or fake lines (except for the first coin), even if slightly harder than a typical normal level. It gets harder as the level goes on, and becomes much more harder at near the end of the level. Also, its coins are very easy to get.


The level starts with creator's name and then the player will quickly transform into a ship. The ship is very easy; However, there are vertically moving objects which makes it more difficult. After the ship, the player will transform into a nearly same UFO with only objects moving horizontally. After the UFO, the player will transform into a quite harder Robot with only some simple jumps and a very few parts that need crucial timing.  There is however a green orb in the mini robot which requires careful timing: the robot may not be propelled far enough and crash into thorns. After the Robot, the player will transform into a double speed wave with only some moving objects and a few tight spaces. After the wave, the player will transform into a very detailed and more difficult cube. Only a few jumps are needed, but these are difficult to time and focus. After the cube, the player will transform into a even more difficult ball with high speed, moving objects and crucial timing. All the player needs to do in this segment is tap every orb and not flip gravity, because the moving objects in this segment will launch the player in the air and to the orbs. Then the level will end.

Coin Locations

The coins are very easy to get and they are silver. There are 3 coins in level.

  • The first coin is very, very easy to get. It only needs straight flight. It is in the first ship segment.
  • The second coin contains fake line trolling, which is difficult to find out. However, after finding how to get it, the coin is extremely easy. It is in the first robot segment.
  • The third coin is much more difficult then the others, but it is still easy, because it is hard to know what is going on in this coins location. Only a green orb needs to be skipped but it is very easy to panic and use that green orb. It is in the first ball segment of the level.



NRG - TriAxis (Me)01:11

NRG - TriAxis (Me)

Credit to TriAxis for the video.

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