Country South Korea
Age Unknown
Levels 30 (All starred)
Other Info
Crew GW (?)
Position 435180 (Global)

48 (Creators)

YouTube Channel [1]

Neptune (IIINePtunEIII in-game) is a South Korean player and level creator in Geometry Dash who is famous for his V2 levels and for making two hard demons, Necropolis and Deadly Clubstep. Neptune is presumed to have quit in absentia, as he has not uploaded a level or a Geometry Dash video for over a year. Some people claim that people bugging him about hacks is what caused him to quit. KaptainCPU impersonated him (under the name "JupiterGD") as an experiment to see whether his level, "Doomsday III," would get rated faster.

Levels Edit

  • V2 Levels
    •  : Neptune's first starred and map pack level, also his first Normal rated level.
    • Back on Track V2: Neptune's first Hard rated level.
    • Polargeist V2
    • Dry Out v2
    • Base After Base v2: Neptune's first Harder rated level.
    • Can't Let Go v2: Neptune's first Insane rated level.
    • Jumper v2
    • Time Machine v2
    • Cycles v2 R
    • xStep v2: Neptune's first Demon rated level.
    • Clutterfunk v2
    • Theory of Everything v2
    • Electroman Adventures v2
    • Clubstep v2
    • Electrodynamix v2
    • Hexagon Force v2
    •  : Only other 1.9 level by Neptune, his last insane rated level.
    • Theory of Everything II v2: Neptune's last level before quitting. Also his last demon and hardest v2 level.
  • Demon Levels
    • Way of the Darkness
    • DeathFunk
    • Necropolis: Neptune's hardest level. It is likely it will stay this way, as Neptune appears to have quit Geometry Dash for good.
    • zStep
    • Deadly Clubstep: Neptune's 2nd hardest level.
    • Doomsday II: Started a trend in mini cube memorization parts. Example: The Hell Factory.
  • Normal Levels
    • Standard Madness
    • Jungle Joyride: Neptune's last Hard rated level.
    • Practice World
    • Doomsday
    • Neo Dry Out: Neptune's last Harder rated level.
  • Auto Levels
    • Clutterfunk v2 Auto: Neptune's first and only Auto rated level.

Trivia Edit

  • He has gotten every single of his verified (or hacked) and shared levels rated by RobTop.
  • Most of Neptune's levels are in RobTop map packs, notably his v2 levels.
  • All of Neptune's levels are featured.
  • Neptune has made the first 'Spike jump' in-game, it is usually a 1.7 colored block with a blending and has a color of black, allowing it to be an actual invisible ramp/block, this was later then used in several hard levels. (This was mostly the use of invisible blocks, before Alpha Trigger was made)
  • Neptune's levels never use custom songs, not even in his 1.9 levels.