New Generation
New Generation (NG) Logo
Leader xJammy & XoDusGD
Number of Members 64
Levels N/A
Other Info
Date of Foundation July 18, 2016
YouTube Channel N/A

New Generation (shortened as NG, or Team NG) is a casual Geometry Dash clan that was created on July 18, 2016 and is composed of many GD players of medium to very high skill, as well as creators. To become a member, you must have at least all of these following requirements: 2,000 Stars, 90 Secret Coins, and 40 Demons. Team NG mainly operates through Discord services, and has its own Google+ Community (which is inactive at the moment), and group account on Geometry Dash called 'Team NG'.

How to Join NG:

You must meet or exceed the following requirements on Geometry Dash:

-- 2,000+ Stars

-- 90+ Secret Coins

-- 30+ Demons

-- You cannot be banned on the GD servers

(^~ requirements subject to change ~^)

To officially join Team NG, you can join their official Discord server at: and show one of the Owners or Admins your stats to gain a rank and become a member. Joining the Google+ Community is not required.

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