Night Terrors
Night Terrors
Level Information
Creator Hinds and Loogiah, verified by
Difficulty Insane Demon Insane Demon
Stars 10Star
Level ID 15395840
Song Figures
Composer Rukkus/NightKILLA

Night Terrors is an Insane Demon created by Hinds and Loogiah, and verified by . It is mostly known for extremely tight spaces, mashing, and hard timings. It is generally considered an Insane Demon, but in some instances a Very Hard Demon. It’s on the legacy list of the Official Geometry Dash Demonlist.


The level starts with a cube part with a few annoying timings. Next, there is a much harder ball segment with difficult timings, and then timings of cube, ball, and cube. Then there is an easy ball and an auto cube segment, leading into the drop. The drop starts with a moderately tricky triple speed mini cube, followed by a difficult ship with a bunch of obstacles. Then there are relatively easy UFO and cube parts. Then there is a timing ball part and a moderately easy wave part, followed by a tricky dual mini cube and an extremely tight mini ship sequence. Then there is a dual cube with some timings, followed by a half speed cube section with timings and rather tight ship and wave parts. There are then timing based cube and ball parts. Afterward, there is a very tight ship sequence, a moderately hard cube part, and a moderately difficult UFO part. Then there are two mashing mini wave parts separated by a ball part. There is a slow cube with two two spike jumps, followed by an extremely tight ship sequence with one space flying and a timing based short cube section. Next, there is a very tight mini ship sequence followed by a relatively easy cube part and an extremely tight triple speed wave part. There are two tight mini ship sequences interluded by a cube jump. Then there is a very tight mini wave followed by a ship part and a cube part. There is a tricky ball part followed by an easy cube part, a tricky dual cube, and an easy cube. Then there is a very hard ship part with orbs followed by a relatively easy cube part and a tight mini ship. There are timing based cube, ball, and cube parts followed by a tight ship, a cube jump, and a mini wave. Then the level begins to end, with two slow cube parts separated by a ball part. Then, the level ends with the text "Night Terrors."


  • Surprisingly, most of the level was made in mid-1.9.
  • This level can be defined as the sequel of Shambler by Loogiah.
  • As of recently, the level was verified by Giron David.
  • At the end of the level, in the part that shows the level's name, if the player jumps onto the platform beneath the letters, a message will appear under the platform with the message "Guillester is dumb."


Geometry Dash - Hinds (me) & Loogiah - Night Terrors (Insane Demon)

Geometry Dash - Hinds (me) & Loogiah - Night Terrors (Insane Demon)

Credits to Hinds.