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Nightmare Clubstep
Level Information
Creator SRY4U
Difficulty Insane Insane
Stars Star 0
Level ID 13788272
Song Clubstep
Composer Di-Nate

Nightmare Clubstep is a now unrated insane level created by SRY4U. It was originally verified by a secret way, even though SRY4U is working on a legit verification and a rebirth. On his wiki account page, he revealed that the rebirth will be a collaboration with another unnoticed creator named 'Shufo', who is also making a texture pack for him. It is currently sitting at insane/extreme demon difficulty. In addition, SRY4U wants to nerf it even more, as it apparently verges on the impossible.

Fails Edit

SRY4U crashed at 52% on original version.


  • This is SRY4U's first level, and it is the only level which is rated as insane.
    • It is also his most famous level.
  • SRY4U originally thought this level was impossible.
  • SRY4U only started attempting to verify it when Shufo told him it was actually possible.
  • SRY4U will remove the errors in the legit update, as well as:
    • Decorate it more
    • Add a 'Kappa way'
    • And add some Messages.
  • SRY4U is thinking of removing this level if it doesn't get rated.
  • SRY4U nerfed it, as the pre-release version was harder that Realm Of Bloodshadow.
  • At one point it says 'By BloodDragon,' possibly suggesting that SRY4U actually used to be named BloodDragon.

Update Edit

  • SRY4U is going to buff it, and decorate it more. Here are some screenshots of progress.
    Deco prev