Nightmare Realm II
Level Information
Creator AirSwipe
Difficulty Demon Demon
Stars 10Star
Level ID 12813851
Song Haunted Woods
Composer Waterflame

Nightmare Realm II (often referred to as NRII) is a Demon level created by AirSwipe in 2.0. It is the intended sequel to The Nightmare Realm.


Nightmare Realm II is mostly pink with black. It is sort of technology styled at some parts (mostly the end). The level moves mostly at triple speed, which makes the level pretty long in length.


Nightmare Realm II has a lot of timing. For example, you have to hit the orbs in the first cube part really fast and make perfect jumps with the robot in the robot parts. The hardest part is probably the wave part (not counting the flashy one). It changes gravity pretty fast while it moves at triple speed.

User Coins

  • The first coin can be found at the first cube. When you exit the teleportation portal and don't jump to the next mini block, you can fall on a platform which holds the coin. You do need to time your jump when jumping off the platform after collecting the coin.
  • The second coin is located at the robot part. Instead of falling down on the platform, and then jumping to the next one, make one big jump to skip the small platform. The coin will appear and you will be able to collect it.
  • The third coin is located at the slow mini wave. Instead of taking the way down, take the way up to grab the coin. Note, this way is more narrow than the normal way.


  • The level was first called Nightmare Realm 2, but Ashes (who verified it), changed it to Nightmare Realm II.
  • The original song, Hamsin - Makou, has been removed from Newgrounds.
    • It has since been replaced with Haunted woods by Waterflame.


-MY NEW DEMON!- Nightmare Realm II by AirSwipe (me) -Verified by Ashes-

-MY NEW DEMON!- Nightmare Realm II by AirSwipe (me) -Verified by Ashes-

The full walkthrough of Nightmare Realm II. Credits to Ashes (reuploaded by AirSwipe).