Nine CircleX
Nine CircleX
Level Information
Creator Rustam, Zobros, Viprin (publisher) and MaxiS9 (verifier)
Difficulty Insane Demon Insane Demon
Stars 10Star
Level ID 36522386
Song Nine Circles (Xtrullor Remix)
Composer Xtrullor

Nine CircleX is a 2.1 Insane Demon collaboration between Rustam, Zobros, and Viprin, and verified by MaxiS9. It is Zobros' last level and Viprin's first Nine Circles level. It is a direct sequel to the original Nine Circles by Zobros.



User Coins

  • The first user coin is at 12%, which the player can ignore.
  • The second user coin is in 35%. It can be obtained easily by jumping directly after getting 35%.
  • The third and final user coin is at the end of the level. It is given as a reward if the player manages to get all the keys.
    • The first key is at 54%. To get it simply hold the wave for a half a second, like in Ultra Paracosm.
    • The second key is at 60%. It is similar to the first key but is harder due to it being a mini wave.
    • The third key is at 65%. It can be obtained by going through the obstacles.


Geometry Dash - Nine CircleX 100% GAMEPLAY Online (Zobros, Viprin & Rustam) INSANE DEMON02:50

Geometry Dash - Nine CircleX 100% GAMEPLAY Online (Zobros, Viprin & Rustam) INSANE DEMON

Credits to MaxiS9 himself. This verification video shows the full walkthrough of Nine CircleX, as well as the locations of the three user coins.


  • NoctaFly considers this the worst Nine Circles level, and most people agree. But Sonic Circles 2, is considered to be overwhelmingly terrible and worse than Nine CircleX.
  • The letters flashing before the drop are as follows:
    • 死 (shi) - Death
    • 運命 (unmei) - Fate
    • 破滅 (ha'metsu) - Ruin / Destruction
    • 陰茎 (in'kei) - This one's rather NSFW; it translates to penis.
    • 闇 - (yami) - Darkness
  • After the drop, to the straight fly, one more word appears:
    • 滅亡 - (metsubou) - Downfall

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