Nine CircleX
Level Information
Creator Rustam, Zobros, Viprin (publisher) and MaxiS9 (verifier)
Difficulty Insane Demon Insane Demon
Stars 10Star
Level ID 36522386
Song NK-Nine Circles (Xtrullor Remix)
Composer Xtrullor

Nine CircleX is a 2.1 Insane Demon collaboration between Rustam, Zobros, and Viprin, and verified by MaxiS9. It is Zobros' last level and Viprin's first Nine Circles level. It is a direct sequel to the original Nine Circles by Zobros.

Gameplay Edit


User Coins Edit

  • The first user coin is at 12%, which the player can ignore.
  • The second user coin is in 35%. It can be obtained easily by jumping directly after getting 35%.
  • The third and final user coin is at the end of the level. It is given as a reward if the player manages to get all the keys.
    • The first key is at 54%. To get it simply hold the wave for a half a second, like in Ultra Paracosm.
    • The second key is at 60%. It is similar to the first key but is harder due to it being a mini wave.
    • The third key is at 65%. It can be obtained by going through the obstacles.

Walkthrough Edit

Geometry Dash - Nine CircleX 100% GAMEPLAY Online (Zobros, Viprin & Rustam) INSANE DEMON

Geometry Dash - Nine CircleX 100% GAMEPLAY Online (Zobros, Viprin & Rustam) INSANE DEMON

Credits to MaxiS9 himself. This verification video shows the full walkthrough of Nine CircleX, as well as the locations of the three user coins.

Trivia Edit

  • NoctaFly considers this the worst Nine Circles level, and most people agree. But Sonic Circles 2, is considered to be overwhelmingly terrible and worse than Nine CircleX.
    • Temporum claims this the second worst Nine Circles level, saying over and over that he will never touch this level ever again.
  • The letters flashing before the drop are as follows:
    • 死 (shi) - Death
    • 運命 (unmei) - Fate
    • 破滅 (ha'metsu) - Ruin / Destruction
    • 陰茎 (in'kei) - This one's rather NSFW; it translates to penis.
    • 闇 - (yami) - Darkness
  • After the drop, to the straight fly, one more word appears:
    • 滅亡 - (metsubou) - Downfall