Template:Infobox Player betterNinjaDogDB is an unknown GD player and level creator. He prefers a casual style of gameplay, and he doesn't care about getting high amounts of demon completions.


NinjaDog's levels are completely unknown to most players. His levels are neither featured nor rated, yet he tries to always give his levels good gameplay with a bit of decoration at the side. His most downloaded level is Acid Factory Auto, and his most liked level is My Level Evolution. He finds it kind of annoying sometimes when the levels that took him very little time to make are played more than his better levels.

His best level so far is Eclipse which is his 6th level and uses the song: Sonar Eclipse. It has a 1.9 theme with some 2.0 properties. It has a harder difficulty due to a very tight ship sequence. So far only 36 downloads and 11 likes have come to this level.

His second level, Secrets of Wysteria, had obtained a large amount of downloads and likes while his 3rd and 4th levels gained little amounts of attention. He remade Secrets of Wysteria and kept the original name which updated the first version. His remade version included many of the same elements as the first version; however, the segments were synced in more fluently with the song, and he changed certain segments to different ones. It has at least 66 downloads and 16 likes on it.

His 3rd level, Geo Star Wars, uses a dubstep remix of the Imperial March and includes multiple Star Wars elements. The level is difficult but is very fun to play in the Star Wars bits. In the Ship sequence a Tie Fighter outline follows the player for the whole sequence. At the end there is a robot sequence where the player passes an AT-AT which shoots at the other wall before the player is put into The Forest Moon of Endor. At the end there is a Yoda quote referencing the dark side. The level gained little attention with only 30 downloads and 6 likes.

NinjaDog's 4th level, Gameboy GD, took a while to make, and it includes a very unique gameplay compared with the other levels NinjaDog has made. Its most significant feature is a Gameboy style screen that keeps the player close to the left side. The level includes the screen following the player's Y axis creating a bug where the screen goes up a bit. NinjaDog combated this problem by putting move triggers that must be touched after a jump segment like that mentioned happens. He placed the triggers in such a way that the player cannot touch them once the screen is fixed. This level gained little attention and only recieved 28 downloads and 6 likes. However when it was uploaded no one played it which forced NinjaDog to copy his own level and change the song to a Super Mario Bros Remix which synced with the level pretty well already just to get it recognized. That gave Gameboy GD the recognition it deserved.

NinjaDog's 5th level, Not a Level, is an interesting one. The first version featured a lot of non level stuff. After recieving a couple of complaints of how boring the level was, NinjaDog revised it and updated it tremendously which changed the level from boring to cool. It features a bossfight and a choice at the end. NinjaDog made the boss fight harder and added a little bit at the end just to provide emphasis. The level has gained 32 downloads and 9 likes so far.

NinjaDog's level called My Level Evolution was a simple montage of small segments of the levels he had created and uploaded around that time. It included how many downloads and likes each level got, and each level was ordered from first to last. There was a sneak peek at the end about a level NinjaDog has yet to upload. This level took about 10-15 minutes to make and beat because of how it was. It gained 94 downloads and 24 likes so far. This level even showed NinjaDog's very first level which was completely unknown because it was deleted after receiving one dislike by NinjaDog.

Nine Circles Madness was NinjaDog's first 2.1 level. It uses the song NK- Nine Circles and started as a remade Stereo Madness. After the ship segment, it changes from its original purpose to a terrible looking end with a bunch of 2.1 features stuck together. The level includes zero wave segments and was not inspired by Zobros' Nine Circles demon at all. NinjaDog commented that it was most likely his worst level yet. It has gained 9 downloads and 1 like so far.

Thawed Heart is NinjaDog's newest level. It was inspired by Danolex's Frozen Heart level, but the level goes with its own flow, literally. The level is completely themed around a unfrozen theme with lots of waterfalls and water everywhere as well as dirt looking blocks. The song used is Frozen Heart. The level started out very good with great decoration and music syncs. However after the UFO bit the level went downhill with the end basically leaving the player with a sense of being underwater. NinjaDog said, through a profile comment, that he didn't have the heart to finish it.










NinjaDogDB is a Team Unknown member currently. Team Unknown is lead by: CWP, and is a creating team that will make levels "unknown to man." Its members include: ToxizZ, Xlerator, BananaJuiceGD, GameStable, CWP, NinjaDogDB, Diegoforce, IiIiIFireIiIiI, Crashboom, and Nercure. CreatorAce was a member of Team Unknown, but they decided to quit playing GD which allowed NinjaDogDB to join the team willingly. So far no levels by Team Unknown have been uploaded to the public.

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