Level Information
Creator CutieKitty and Skitten
Difficulty HARDER Harder
Stars 6 Star
Level ID 15827525
Song Super Cute Kitty Anime Techno
Composer GrayZ

Nullimi is a level by CutieKitty and Skitten.

Gameplay Edit

Nullimi starts with a cube sequence, but the cube jumps higher than the actual cube because of invisible yellow jump rings.

Next, there is a ship sequence, which makes the player act a bit more cautious, as the size changes multiple times. The shadows in the background should be avoided, as they can make the player crash.

Afterwards, there is a robot sequence, The robot is surrounded by a circle, with 4 symbols showing up as well.

After that, there is a wave sequence, The blocks go slower than the actual speed.

Then, there is a rather slow ship sequence, even slower than the previous.

After that, you will turn into a cube, with the word, "Together," and a picture of a cat.

Next, there is a UFO sequence, which also changes size multiple times, with sequence appearances changing every size change,

Afterwards, there is a ball sequence, with a custom parallax background full of hexagons,

Next, there is a wave sequence, with equalizers on the top and bottom of the screen,

Lastly, there is a pink dual cube sequence, which is slow. Following the dual cube sequence, the level end.

Walkthrough Edit

Geometry Dash - "NULLIMI" by CutieKitty and Skitten

Geometry Dash - "NULLIMI" by CutieKitty and Skitten

Credit of this video goes to Gamer Jolly.